Welcome to Night Vale: 64 - WE MUST GIVE PRAISE
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The president of the School Board confronts critics of the school district's five-year strategic plan. Plus, the hunt for two fugitives, some fun events on the community calendar, and a look at financial news.

Weather: "True Trans Soul Rebel" by Against Me!


I’ve heard from my friend, Diane Creighton, that she huddled underneath the Lee Marvin statue, and that the lifelike bronze form of our nation’s greatest living actor has done a tremendous job of blocking the various black bears and nurse sharks and ostriches falling so violently to Earth.
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I was going to go to the Ennui Fair, but...eh.....
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I haven't listened to this, just skimmed the transcript. I'm kinda going through a lot now and I feel like this episode will . . . not help. True? This just doesn't seem like a light-hearted, weird-stuff-happens kind of episode.
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Yeah, this one was pretty damn depressing. I guess maybe I'm hopeful that this will be the low point of Cecil and Carlos' relationship drama and that the pendulum might swing back the other way soon.

I quite liked the weather this week, though. I think I've vaguely heard of Against Me but I don't know anything about them. I'll have to go investigate them.
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Carlos has been gone for a year. It is getting old, indeed.
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This wasn't my favorite episode but it made me appreciate Cecil Baldwin as a voice actor even more. His sad-but-trying-to-be-upbeat voice at the end brought tears to my eyes.
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Ok, I've listened to it now and it really wasn't as depressing as I feared. I thought Monolith was far more upsetting.

As a matter of fact, the bulk of the episode made me feel all warm and fuzzy/nostalgic - clearly I have been missing Hiram McDaniels.
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I laughed more than a little at "The Last Bank of Night Vale"

I'm actually enjoying the Hiram McDaniels plot this time around. Previously, I always felt like that story fell flat more often than not in the podcast -- The Faceless Old Woman and Hiram were spectacular in The Debate, but something about the other plots involving them just felt tedious.

A lot of things about The Debate have grown on me. It works far better than their other live shows, likely because it departs from the show's usual format. The part when The Faceless Old Woman asks Hiram if she's beautiful is quite possibly the show's most touching moment...
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Departing here from this episode in particular into WTNV more generally, but...

Yes, or at least one of the top two touching moments. The encounter between Amber and Wilson at the end of "Street Cleaning Day" has always been poignant to me, and I've been glad when WTNV has mentioned the two of them, even very briefly, in subsequent episodes.

But anyway...I think I'm a little bit in love with the Faceless Old Woman Who Secretly Lives In My Home. It has occurred to me more than once that Amazon and Google know me better than my closest friends do; certainly, if anyone looked through all the data Amazon and Google and A Vague Yet Menacing Government Agency the NSA had on me, they would find out things about me that I am reluctant to tell another living soul. My only solace, my only sense of privacy, in this is knowing that Amazon and Google only care about me as a tiny part of a gigantic aggregate, a little piece of "Big Data" and no one there is going to care about what I do as an individual.

But the Faceless Old Woman sees all these things, and knows them about me as an individual, not just part of an aggregate, and still accepts me for who I am, unspeakable flaws and all. And knowing these things, she still chooses to live in my home. And if she occasionally sets my fridge on fire, or eats a highlighter out of nervousness, that's a small price to pay for her acceptance.

I love you, Faceless Old Woman. You do beautiful things, and thus you are beautiful. My WiFi password is *************************.
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At the end of the episode all I could say was: Poor Cecil.

I really hope he can either visit Carlos in the desert or Carlos gets back into Night Vale soon.
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Wouldn't it be cool if Cecil did an episode FROM the desert?!
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I'm starting to think there's something deeply wrong with Carlos.

He's a terrible scientist (seemingly even by Night Vale's own crazy standards), and is way too nonchalant about being trapped in the desert, even when compared to Dana.

Add to that the fact that Cecil seems to have a doppelganger or surrogate (possibly something to do with his brother), and the weird time/memory stuff that only Earl Harlan seems to have awareness of...

Something's up, and it feels distinctively different from the other "big plots" that the show's explored in the past. Increasingly, Cecil is alone.
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He's a terrible scientist because he just does....science. No specialties, he just babbles on about ... "science." I have pretty much assumed that's a joke on the part of the writers though, and also they didn't want to do science talk.
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