Welcome to Night Vale: 63 - There Is No Part 1: Part 2
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An exciting conclusion to the day-long Sand Golem saga at City Hall. Plus, repairs at the bowling alley, Children's Fun Fact Science Corner, and who won that auction?

Weather: "Heel Turn 2" (world premiere) by The Mountain Goats


In the introduction given by Joseph Fink (since Joseph Fink was unavailable), he mentions that a recording of the live show "The Librarian" is now available on WTNV's Bandcamp page.

“Talismans love to be flirted with in a sexy whisper,” the anonymous sponsors had told him. Although they never mentioned that doing so would cause a sand golem to rise and turn against the humans around it.
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Wheels within wheels. See you at League Night.
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Did The Man In The Tan Jacket's message make anyone else feel weird? Physically, I mean . . . I felt it in my chest, like bass vibrations or something.
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I also felt really moved by the proverb. Usually they do nothing for me, not even a smile, but this one felt really meaningful to me.

History is written by the victors. And then forgotten by the victors. And then the victors die, too.
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What the heck....?

Does Dana own Cecil?
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Cecil's starting to suspect so, but The Man In The Tan Jacket seems the more likely candidate. We've been told previously that he and Dana get along:
Ladies and gentlemen, Dana has continued to send me texts from beyond the tall black fences of the dog park. Even though the dog park is forbidden to citizens and their dogs, Dana managed to get in, and is now trapped there for who knows how long? First off, she says she’s okay. She says she has met some nice people and she’s never bored. She met the Man in the Tan Jacket, who has been haunting this city for the past few months. In fact, Dana says the Man in the Tan Jacket is quite nice, and they’ve really struck up quite a friendship. She’s still trying to figure out what the man’s involvement is with the hooded figures and the recently deceased Apache Tracker and the tiny underground civilization of warmongers who live below lane five of the Desert Flower Bowling Alley and Arcade Fun Complex. He has seemed to pop up in relation to a lot of strange events.

She’s also trying to figure out what he looks like. Every time she steps away from that guy, she can’t remember a thing about him, just that he’s wearing a tan jacket and carrying a deerskin briefcase. Oh, and that briefcase is kind of weird, Dana says, because it’s full of flies. And that’s kind of creepy, at first, until you realize that he’s a fly salesman, and that they’re all trained. They can retrieve mail, and speak German, and play dead, and all kinds of cute things. She says he’s a pretty cool guy, if you get to know him.
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Gooooooood catch!!!!
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"Mayor Cardinal issued a statement... with her mouth" made me laugh a lot.
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That Mountain Goats track is fantastic.

Seems fitting that John Darnielle would have ties with the WTNV community.
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