Justified: Burned
March 18, 2015 11:25 AM - Season 6, Episode 9 - Subscribe

Ava is torn between Boyd and Raylan. Loretta become a player in Harlan's future. Katherine speaks French. Duffy sees the (ultraviolet) light. And, Boyd plays with dynamite.
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Plot twists galore in this episode. It almost seemed like the writers got to this point and said "Fuck it" and started over. I did not expect Loretta to suddenly play such a big part in things.
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Who was Katharine calling for cleanup?
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I have no idea. But, it was a nice touch. Her, standing in front of the gore-covered wall, calmly calling the cleanup crew in French. I'd love to have a still of that image.
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Maybe Victor?
Sorry, the french call for clean up put me in mind of La Femme Nikita...
But seriously this was a great episode.
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This was a great episode, I agree, except for the very last scene. Rachel's character has been acting ridiculously impatient, and I don't like the way the writers have turned her into a nagging boss. She was more enjoyable as a regular deputy.
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Didn't Rachel say something to the effect that she wasn't enjoying her job as boss?
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I kind of wonder if they aren't setting us up for Raylan to be incarcerated at the end. Something about the AUSA and his attitude about Ava being compromised got me worried. He and Raylan have been at odds before and he's done his fair share of investigating Raylan. Between that and the comment a few episodes back about how Raylan could have easily been on the other side of the law could have been some hinting. (Was it Markham? Can't remember.) The show has made this abundantly clear, but saying it out loud so recently might lend more to the idea as another step towards foreshadowing. Heck, his discussion with Loreta suggests he knows he's got to be on the looking for what appears to be some improprieties, reminding us again that he's not always the clear good guy and other question that as well.

So Ava is supposed to use her one CI card, but she doesn't. Or does she? Was she meant to tell Raylan about the plan, or something else that never came to fruition because she realized Raylan was on to her? She claims she was supposed to tell him it would be next week, but I'm not sure about anything at this point.

I'm wondering how the new gunslinger is going to work out. They're suggesting a show down between him and Raylan, but every time the show sets us up for that expectation, it's short-circuited. But, at this point we almost expect that, so I'm really not sure how that's going to play out.

The reveal with Wynn Duffy as the information was unexpected. Not that you couldn't see him being a weasally rat, but because he's been playing it so cool with Katherine. And when won't I find Raylan's intimidation tactics hilarious?! With the Chief, no less?!

I had a moment of real sadness tonight knowing there are only a few episodes left. It's such a well crafted show with such brilliant and interesting characters. I mean, they're literally characters. And the dialog and wit! I'm not sure we've seen the best of it this season but it's still there in enough doses (see the running towards me.) knowing that's going to be over really struck something.
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I kind of wonder if they aren't setting us up for Raylan to be incarcerated at the end.

No way. He's put away far too many bad guys for him to be safe in prison. Either he manages to walk away from it all or he goes down guns blazing & saves someone's life in the process. Given Winona's speech last episode about how she knows he'll never give it up I'm strongly betting on a blaze of glory ending.
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This scared me. I so, so want Raylan to go be with his daughter.

The 11th-hour introduction of, basically, a punk-kid gunfighter with delusions of grandeur (Boon — played by Jonathan Tucker of Kingdom, looking oddly like Rupert Pupkin) pointed to a classic Western dénouement out of The Gunfighter or crime-thriller cousins such as The Wire and Carlito’s Way, with the older, wiser outlaw resolving to put his guns down and move on, only to get plugged by a callow up-and-comer. Not for nothing, I suspect, did screenwriters Dave Andron, Leonard Chang, and Jenny DeArmitt name-check John Wayne (derisively characterized by Raylan as a “pretend cowboy”). Wayne’s final film was 1976’s The Shootist, about an old gunslinger who wants to go out peacefully but gets drawn into a fight with three killers, whom he dispatches, only to be shot in the back by a bartender. The main heavy in The Shootist is played by Richard — drumroll, please — Boone.
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I will not be pleased if Raylan is killed by that dopey weirdo.
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I will not be pleased if Raylan is killed by that dopey weirdo

While I agree with you in principle, this is one of the shows I actually trust the writers with. If the choose that route, I doubt it will be straight-forward or simple. I do suspect he's a red herring though. I'm just not sure how.

My husband and I have been speculating for a couple seasons that Boyd will be done in and Ava will become the new Mags. Well, bigger than Mags, the all around new big boss of Harlan co. I'm not sure they're going to go that route anymore, she's been too scared and unreliable. But there was that suggestion with the lunch she and Katherine had. To be honest, she's been out of character this season, though it may just also her in over her head but further pushes her down that path. To be honest, I'm a little surprised she's let Boyd push her around the way she has; she's not one to take bullying lightly. I have no idea what her motives are with Boyd right now.

The more I ponder it, None of this sounds good for anyone.
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My speculation is that we have a replay of the pilot scene. Boyd and Raylan sitting across a table from one another, with Ava's life in the balance. Raylan hinted at it earlier in the season, saying something to the effect of, I won't spare you next time -- he implication being that Raylan shot him the chest, sure, but didn't take the next step and finish him, unlike Tommy Bucks.

But the structure within the scenario might be different. This time, Ava might come out of the kitchen shooting at Raylan instead of Boyd.

I think this episode also tipped Katharine's death. Someone's going to surprise her with their version of the gun-in-the-purse trick.
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"I'd love to have a still of that image."

Here ya' go.
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My husband and I have been speculating for a couple seasons that Boyd will be done in and Ava will become the new Mags.

At this point it looks like Loretta will be taking that role and I hope that isn't a red herring. It would be a fitting end with her taking over for Mags but everything being legal (well, as legal as it can be with hired muscle).

I will not be pleased if Raylan is killed by that dopey weirdo

Same here, although he is a great character and fit for this series. Here's hoping they let Raylan win one last season one style shootout before whatever fate they have in store for him.
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