Jane the Virgin: Chapter 16
March 18, 2015 10:42 AM - Season 1, Episode 16 - Subscribe

Jane experiences the recoil from rejecting Rafael's proposal, and attempts working on her book only to experience writer's block. Xiomara makes more concrete plans to move in with Rogelio, igniting an explosive fight between herself and her mother Alba. After Michael points Jane in the direction of a romance writer's workshop (led by guest star Jane Seymour), he meets with a surprisingly forthright Aaron Zazo, who turns over information Petra unknowingly gave him. The Villanueva family tradition of watching salsa at the Calle Ocho festival is not as celebratory this year.

Also: Rafael and Petra are inept dog-sitters for international pop sensation David Bisbal's (assistant's) dog, who plays a concert at the Marbella after Rafael asks Rogelio for an introduction. Rogelio is insulted that Rafael did not ask for his permission to propose to Jane, before teaming up with Michael to improve his gif-worthy space-detective incompetence. Michael does a memorable Ace Ventura impression while staking out Sin Rostro associate Tony Vaughn with Rogelio, while Jane mangles her feedback to a fellow writer and offers a stay at the Marbella ("The hotel with all the murders?") to make up for it. Jane finally calls Rafael out for forcing her to shoulder too much of the blame for his impulsive, inconsiderate, and too-early-for-Jane-and-he-should-have-known-that proposal. And someone in Jane's new writer's group is going to change her life. Is it Michael's newly-revealed ex-girlfriend Andie?
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This show is on fire.

Even the "b-plots" end up getting you right in the heart. Michael and Rogelio being paired up was inspired. And Rafael and Petra running around after the dog was silly but through the lens of "these were two people who were in love who were going to have a child together and now they aren't", the dogsitting became a little heartbreaking.
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Rogelio and Michael as buddy cops doing impressions and dipping each other? I'm so down with that.

I wonder if Jane still has her supposed job on The Passions of Santos any more. They haven't mentioned it so I kind of suspect not. I keep thinking like Alba--should have taken the reliable job!

Aaron Zazo: "misread that situation." Har.

I don't know who David Bisbal is, but he rocked it.

The awkwardness of that writer's group--somehow this week I now keep coming across references that make me think of it.
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I loved Rafael and Petra dogsitting. Petra's a delicious villain, and it's hard to imagine with that type of character that she and Rafael were actually happy, but this was a small glimpse into a time when yeah, they probably were. She's a great villain, but she has motivation and heart as well, and it was nice to think that she maybe did actually care for Rafael despite all of the cheating and prenups and artificial inseminating and the rest.
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