Arrow: The Offer
March 19, 2015 1:30 PM - Season 3, Episode 16 - Subscribe

Oliver gets a job offer and takes a grand tour. Thea has a house guest. Captain Lance gives up something for Lent.

Picking up from the events of the last episode, Ra's al Ghul gives Oliver the tour of Nanda Parbat and the cutting edge work they do there and would he like to join their exciting and growing team?
Oliver declines the offer to be the next Ra's and leaves with Dig and Merlyn in tow, having been forgiven.

Back in Starling, Oliver won't tell anyone why Ra's let them go. He releases a puzzled Nyssa, puzzing everyone else as well.

Merlyn is now crashing on Thea's couch even though she just tried to have him killed in the last episode. Apparently Oliver can't afford a hotel room, even though he can afford flights to Nanda Parbat whenever he likes.

Oliver and Company take on a band of criminals led by Murmur, a man with a stitched up mouth who had a confession beaten out of him by the police and swore revenge on them. Captain Lance, furious with the Arrow for withholding from him the truth about Sara, renounces vigilantism.

Oliver is warned by Merlyn that the offer from Ra's was not a request, but Oliver tells Maseo that he's declining. Maseo leaves with a warning.

Ra's attacks the criminals from earlier while dressed as the Arrow, killing a few and telling one to tell everyone what he's seen.

In Hong Kong 5 years ago, Oliver and the Yamashiro's son look for his parents and they run into Shado...who most certainly does not look dead.
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Did I hear Ra's claim in this episode that the League of Assassins is a larger army than any on earth? That is some silly bullshit. I hope he said/meant "greater" and was speaking in terms of quality, not quantity.
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I'm glad Laurel is finally going to get some training that's more advanced than boxing lessons.
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I like Barrowman as much as the next guy but Merlyn is not adding value to the story anymore. Begone! Also, the flashbacks are terrible this season.
posted by sevenyearlurk at 6:56 PM on March 19, 2015

Merlyn is not adding value to the story anymore

Without him we wouldn't have "gonna go get soup for my evil dad"

So. There's that.
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Also: I am delighted that Nyssa is going to be hanging around.

About the nature of the magic hot spring: my understanding is that in the comic the Lazarus pits can bring people back from the dead. It doesn't seem clear if this version is capable of that.
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Nyssa made this episode. She says exactly what Thea should hear, stands up to Ra's (Rash?This show is all over the map with pronunciation of his name.), and somehow brings the best out of Laurel.

I'm finally starting to like Oliver again. He was making some awful decisions the last few episodes. Felicity is coming back around too, and I'm finally getting what she sees in Cyclops.. I mean Superman.. I mean iron Man...
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Also I love this version of Ras A Ghul! Hope Canary/Caity Lotz comes back.

I also loved Thea's arc and although I agree that Merlyn should take a break for a few eps, if it brings out psycho Thea and lines like "soup for my evil dad", that's the kind of grimdark humor the show needs.
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The middle section of an Arrow season always seems overlong, but at about this point (16/17), the show seems to get a lot tighter in the run-up to the finale. Looks like this season is no exception.

I'd been wondering what the actual point of the stupid "nobody tells Lance about Sara" was, too, so I'm not sorry to see that stupid plot actually have some consequences. (I'm wondering what the consequence of Nyssa teaching Laurel is going to be. After what Ras said, Nyssa has to be planning something.)
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This show is all over the map with pronunciation of his name.

I think it's been pretty consistent, actually. Ra's himself (and I think Nyssa, but I'd have to check on that) pronounces it Raesh. I'd assume that's how it's supposed to be pronounced in the language that it comes from. Everyone from Starling pronounces it the anglicized way, Ras/Raz.
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I think this episode is mislabeled - is this maybe Season 3?
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Mod note: Fixed!
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Whoopsie! Sorry!

And yeah, I loved Nyssa and Laurel at the end of this episode. I'd love to see Nyssa take on her father, defeating him, and rejecting the title in exchange for Sara being resurrected via the Lazarus Pit.
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Yes, I'm very pleased with the Thea arc and was very happy to see the Thea/Roy ship get out of drydock, especially since it kind of made up for the awful anti-chemistry kiss from that other CW superhero show this week.
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I like this version of Ra's too, but the end made me kind of groan wearily... Oliver won't leave Starling City so he's going to make it intolerable for him by dirtying his name.

Yeah, there's an idea. Why would he think that would work? On someone he respects? It wouldn't flippin' work on him, would it? Does he really want an heir who just goes, "oh, well, you ruined it for me here and my name in the process so I guess I go and do what you want now."
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I'd love to see Nyssa take on her father, defeating him

Me too. I keep hoping Nyssa and all the other assassins blow raspberries at this plan and either leave en masse or enact a coup. I would not be crazy about some random dude, known to be repeatedly hostile to my organization's goals, suddenly being placed in power over everyone else for basically no reason, and it seems loopy that Ra's just expects Nyssa, the person who presumably trained all her life for that position, to go along with it.

I will find it unendingly hilarious if Nyssa teaches Laurel that Boobs of Holding trick with the aerial silks, though.
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and rejecting the title in exchange for Sara being resurrected via the Lazarus Pit.

Did anyone indicate the pit's use is limited to the use of the Demon Head exclusively?
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Mrs. chazlarson has had it up to HERE with the soap opera. Enough talking, more ass-kicking.
posted by chazlarson at 2:52 PM on March 25, 2015

that was some improbably fancy fighting in the police station.
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