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March 23, 2015 11:15 AM - Season 2, Episode 10 - Subscribe

It's Christmastime in San Francisco! Agustín gets a visit from a sexy Santa, Dom and Doris get some closure on their friend-fight, and Richie gets a new client.
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Man, that was a great episode. I will be seriously upset if they don't get a season 3.

I'll give it this flaw, though - clearly Patrick has rushed into this new apartment with Kevin even worse than we'd thought. A "Field of Dreams" poster? Really, Kevin? Ugh.

That entire argument they have is a really central topic to a lot of gay men, and it's sad that they only got around to talking about it via a fight. Actually, it's kind of the same thing that Dom went through with Lynn early in the season - finding out that the guy you thought was your new one and only is more about "monogamish."

I missed this line at the time but The AV Club recap quotes it:
Patrick tells Kevin, “Ever since my mom completely imploded our family, I feel completely liberated. I don’t have anything to live up to anymore.” Not that part, but that’s an important point. It takes Patrick finally not trying to prove anything to his parents for him to start to figure out what he wants. He continues, “We get to make up our own way,” meaning their own way of being in a relationship.
What's interesting to me is that phrase about "we get to make up our own way" is usually language I hear coming from those advocating the more open styles of relationships. Those who say, "we're gay, so we don't have to conform to straight society's rules, we can make up our own." And yet Patrick in the end turns out to want pretty much the standard monogamous relationship, because he freaks out when Kevin gets bluntly honest about feeling that they should never promise sexual exclusivity to begin with.
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Here's the thing, this is definitely a discussion they should have had earlier - and mostly I was frustrated that this is what maybe broke them up. I've found a lot of this season to be quite melodramatic and this finale with Kevin & Patrick was the show's worst instincts - don't get me wrong, the fight was well written and well acted but I didn't buy Patrick freaking out so much at finding Kevin on Grindr. And it spiraled from there.

Dom & Doris' story was great, but last week's fight at Dom's Chicken was overwrought.

Somehow Agustin & Eddie were my favourites of season two. I never could have predicted that after season one.
posted by crossoverman at 7:33 PM on March 23, 2015

I really didn't even want to discuss the Patrick/Kevin scenes, since their whole storyline felt colossally unnecessary and all but pushed out the rest of the characters. I will say that this comment on PTV sums up the idiocy much better than I could.
posted by psoas at 8:18 AM on March 24, 2015

Oh, wow, I will admit, I didn't quite grasp why seeing Kevin's stuff was so weird for Patrick until I read that comment, "you admit that you aren't familiar with any of his stuff because you never saw his house because he was living with his boyfriend and cheating on him with you."

Patrick and Kevin did take up too much space, especially in the finale. I would have liked more of Eddie and Agustin - I'm so pleased that they're happily together. I was prepared for the writers to make us like Eddie so much, only to send him off somehow. Rehabbing Agustin's character via Eddie was much smarter, and it absolutely worked for me.

Dom and Doris's story was resolved well enough for me, and I do love that Dom is on such good terms with Malik (and I did love the very realistic and timely nod to Google Buses dominating Malik's schedule). If the show isn't renewed, I'm sad not to see where Dom goes from this.
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I will say that this comment on PTV sums up the idiocy much better than I could.

It was a tsunami of bad things, all of which seem like something that could come up in a relationship discussion - and probably should have, way before Kevin broke up with his boyfriend and before Patrick moved in. And then they all happened at once.
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Looking is cancelled but will get a special episode to wrap up. Boo.
posted by gladly at 9:08 AM on March 25, 2015

I'm really, really bummed about the cancellation. There have been so many wonderful things written about the show recently - on the AV Club, the New Yorker, etc. - I thought that would help HBO see the light and keep it at least another year.
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I'm glad we're getting a special to wrap up. A lot can happen in two hours.

There was no one watching the show. Less than 150,000 people is within the statistical margin of error for zero.
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