Rectify: Charlie Darwin
July 3, 2014 9:26 PM - Season 2, Episode 3 - Subscribe

Awoken from his coma, Daniel must decide how to deal with the assault. Thankfully, there are doughnuts.
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I missed last week's episode, but the A.V. Club's recap describes it as the second part of a two-episode preamble for the new season, so it doesn't sound like I missed anything essential. This episode reminded more of the first season by getting back to Daniel's adjustment to being in the world again.
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I haven't seen 3 yet, but I saw 2. Main plot developments: Tawny admits to Ted Jr. her feelings for Daniel. Trey visit's George's father but doesn't say he knows George is dead. Bobby Dean is identified by the kid who saw him take off his mask. Bobby is then arrested. And, Daniel wakes up.
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I got to see all of season one at my leisure, which was surprisingly leisurely for me because I found it so deeply affecting and different from everything else with its use of space.

I was worried that it couldn't keep up the quality as it would definitely have to change, at least the episode a day format, so I put off watching it until last week. Thankfully it still has that rare quality, and it was so gratifying to have that arrest at the end of the second episode, but it was predictable that Daniel would do what he did, not necessarily in a bad way. The slow motion crash quality of the held air and palpable light still make everything heavy with portent. I'm getting ready to watch the most recent one.

In a way, I think everyone would have played a dirtbag were-animal at some point, because by comparison everything else looks transcendent. (See also, Defiance.)
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I just saw episode 3 and I thought it was one of the best. From the beginning, with Daniel doing windows to watching the tree branch fall, it is obvious that this is not the kind of story where the details are chosen in an obvious way just to advance a linear plot. Ordering the last meal of the death row inmate, telling the waitress who takes the order and then saying "just kidding." Daniel drives a car. Bobby Dean set free.
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