Rectify: Hoorah
July 10, 2015 6:52 AM - Season 3, Episode 1 - Subscribe

Surprise and dismay spread in the aftermath of Daniel’s confession. DA Sondra Person has some questions. Sheriff Daggett finds George Melton.

"Daniel Holden is, once again, a convicted murderer. As Janet tries to host one last family dinner, Amantha retreats to the County Line bar with Jon Stern. While Amantha slowly accepts that Daniel has re-confessed to Hanna Dean’s murder and tries to move on with her life, Jon fears he has failed both his client and his ex-girlfriend. Unable to reach Tawney, Ted, Jr. reluctantly stops by Ted and Janet’s and is relieved to discover she hasn’t been in touch with Daniel. Nearly out of options, Tawney finds refuge with friends, but it’s not a permanent solution. A concerned Ted, Sr. confronts Daniel about his violent impulses and suggests he move in with Amantha. In the aftermath of Daniel’s confession, DA Sondra Person has some lingering questions about his version of events, but Senator Roland Foulkes insists that it’s time to move on. Before she can pursue her concerns, Sheriff Carl Daggett shares some unwelcome news: a body has turned up in the Flint River and it’s almost certainly George Melton." — Sundance's Episode Summary
Sundance's own recap for S03E01 "Hoorah", and their schedule for Rectify.

For those who are new to the show or want to rewatch, here's Sundance's "Where to Watch" page for Rectify.
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I actually haven't watched this yet, but because I think this is the best show on television right now I want to ensure that there are episode posts up for each episode this season.

There was a brief interview with Ray McKinnon in the New York Times yesterday; it mentions that Sundance has already renewed the show for a fourth season.

Because of scheduling and the quirks of Emmy eligibility, this year's Emmys will be the first that Rectify (last season) qualifies for. Although they did change their rules this spring, so I'm not sure how that affects it. The Emmys are biased toward shows on channels with reasonably large audiences, so a channel and show with a very small audience, like Sundance and Rectify respectively, is less likely to garner nominations. However, the show is extremely well regarded critically and it's hard to imagine that it won't get some nominations. In my opinion, it deserves to win in several categories, as almost everything about the show is perfect.
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It's a wonderful show. I'm usually somewhat of an impatient, distracted television viewer, but I felt like this episode flew by, which is saying something considering how slow and contemplative it is.

This line from the AV Club review is really interesting:
When I read Abigail Spencer’s thoughts on the matter, my jaw dropped. “I’m going to steal a Ray McKinnon line. He said, ‘I think he did it, but I think he feels real bad about it.’”

I feel like there's just no way he did it, but if the showrunner thinks he did, maybe he did. I want this season to be about uncovering reasonable doubt and in the end him getting to stay with his family (although if I were in his shoes I think I'd have already hightailed it out of town). It certainly seems like that's where they're going, anyway, with the new DA seemingly having serious questions about that "confession" and other potential suspects.
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