Arrow: Public Enemy
April 1, 2015 8:55 PM - Season 3, Episode 18 - Subscribe

During an attack on the mayor's office, Ray is critically injured. Felicity is pleasantly surprised when her mother, Donna Smoak, shows up at the hospital to offer her support. With the SCPD out in full force, looking for the assailant, Oliver and his team work hard to stay one step ahead of the police to find the man responsible.
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I really hope they don't walk back the public revelation of Oliver's identity.

Where did Roy get the tiny Arrow suit made so quickly? Maybe it's a boys' Halloween costume.
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I'm Spartacus!
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I have started to think the Laurel/Black Canary character is salvageable if they turn into the reckless skid instead of out of it. Maybe they could develop her as the less trained but much ballsier and much more fearless member of the team. That way, she could be formidable and useful, even as she doesn't yet have the skillset the others have.
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Also: are y'all hearing the buzz that another show is in development? It's to be a team show with Atom, Captain Cold, Heatwave, Firestorm, Hawk Girl, Caity Lotz (possibly returning as the first Black Canary, though no one knows how/if that will be done), and even Arthur Darvill (Rory from Doctor Who!) as Rip Hunter/The Traveler. Everything we know so far.
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I don't know how they make that work but if you have Wentworth Miller chewing up the scenery I'm gonna be there.

I don't know how they stick with Queen outed as the Arrow given his body count in season one. We can cut him some slack as a troubled antihero but society has to look at this guy and see a mass killer. Anyone ever do a total kill count?

Where did Roy get the tiny Arrow suit made so quickly?

The League of Assassins had a bunch of em. One of those?
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I haven't watched the episode yet, but I'm imagining Roy inspiring the denizens of the Glades to sew up hundreds of Arrow costumes, just like in Three Amigos!
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The easiest solution to bringing back Lotz's Black Canary is right there in the team: Rip Hunter time time traveller. Presumably he can jump around the time/space continuum until he finds a point where she isn't dead and then jump her forward to the present. If we add to that Flash's ability to break the time barrier, he might be able to render some assistance in the matter as well, along with some theoretical guidance from Martin Stein.

The big question, however, is does DC want two Canaries running around simultaneously? And if it doesn't whose identity does Sara adopt (because we know they won't demote Laurel)? To be honest, this has me stumped. At this point I've ruled out most of the majors and am down to running through JSA rosters. I guess it's feasible they could pull out a LSH identity, but I'd never guess it because that was one part of the universe I never cared about and didn't read. If I were looking for a real longshot I might suggest Booster's sister Goldstar, but that would really be reaching.
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Clones, man.
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Trailer for the rest of the season. WOW! (Normal trailer amount of spoilers. Watch at your own risk.)
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So nobody wants to talk about Shado's twin sister? I mean I know we're all down on the flashbacks this season, but as much of a side-eye as I had to give that, I'm hoping we haven't seen the last of her. (Particularly I want to see her with Slade.) Also when they arrested Roy and then it cut to ending credits, I said "BASTARDS!" out loud.

There are two Black Canaries in comics continuity. If we get Caity Lotz back, I can certainly handle it in DC-TV continuity.
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A flashback within a flashback. Sure, why not.

You'd think by now Lance would know to stay away from the dark alley behind the police station.
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Lance: "I hate to break it to you but saving people isn't your specialty, Oliver."
Ha, ha, ha. Sublime. It's funny because it's true.

Didn't Diggle say he was leaving Team Arrow in the last episode? When he was holding his baby in that terrible pink room?
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Didn't Diggle say he was leaving Team Arrow in the last episode?

I thought so, too. I figure he's working on a "bad timing" exception for now.
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Didn't Diggle say he was leaving Team Arrow in the last episode? When he was holding his baby in that terrible pink room?

I thought his wife quit ARGUS instead.
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Yeah, I'm guessing he's going to have a discussion about quitting with Oliver once things calm down slightly (although we all know that's not going to be permanent.) Either that or he's just quitting the full-contact dangerous stuff in favor of the Arrowcave/being a distance spotter?
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Ok, the first words out of my mouth were, "What the hell was that, even?"

The goofy silliness of the Ray & Felicity & Felicity's Mom scenes was a really jarring mismatch with the rest of the episode. Which is supposed to be deadly serious, and the only way for an inherently over-the-top show like Arrow to pull off "deadly serious" is to just damn-the-torpedoes-full-speed-ahead BE deadly serious, and get audience buy-in through sheer chutzpah.

There's a way to mix humor and drama, and that wasn't it. That was just schizophrenic.

(I suspect Ray's "nano-tech" now in his bloodstream will cause him to be able to "nano" himself, thus the Atom will soon be in line with the comic Atom's abilities.)
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Didn't Diggle say he was leaving Team Arrow in the last episode? When he was holding his baby in that terrible pink room?

I don't think he specifically referred to Team Arrow per se, I think it was more of a generic "BOTH me & you (Lyla) can't be putting ourselves in harm's way all the time and at the same time." Given that the two of them had just gotten back from an ARGUS/Suicide Squad mission, and his anger that the whole thing with the Senator was being covered up by ARGUS, he could have been heading towards, "No More ARGUS", or "No More Arrow", or both, and then Lyla kinda short-circuited that by telling him that she'd just quit ARGUS. Which means Dig won't be doing any more for ARGUS, either. So now "both in harm's way at the same time" is a much less likely to happen, and that's where they left it.
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