Fortitude: Episode 10
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awwwww shit! The end is nigh in this penultimate episode as one mystery is put to rest and another one explodes.

They wouldn't kill off Morton with two (according to Wiki) episodes left, would they? Yes, it's British television, of course they would sacrifice the most popular character for the sake of the story.

But before he dies, he gets Dan to explain what happened with Pettigrew and between what we knew already and the previews last week, we pretty much figured it out already. Handcuffing him to the pylon was a nice touch. Even better was the pan to the waiting polar bear.

Meanwhile Jason attacks the blonde scientist, Carrie visits Liam who is clutching his tupilaq and mumbling, the Russian and the other guy (has anyone ever said his name?) steal the ice drill (do they even know what they're drilling for?). This all leads up to the chilling final scenes in which Badger Boy dissects Dr Stoddart's dog and then races to Dr Shirley'sMom bedside but it's TOO LAAAATE.

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Does anyone know if this show is intended to be a single season only? It's so good I want it to go on, but I'd also admire the hell out of it if it just ended early and on a high note with mysteries resolved---like an Anti-Lost.
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The one storyline that I am not invested in, is the relationship between Dan and Elena due to some combination of her character not being very believable and that the actress is not very good. It's hard to be sympathetic towards a character who visits the wife of the man with whom she's admitted having an affair under the guise of having two school chums meet up. So while technically I can understand why the story has thrown them together, I just find their story tedious.
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Why oh why didn't Badger Boy call for help the moment he saw the flies (yeah, yeah, dramatic tension). That made me so mad, until Dr. Shirley's Mom sat up, and then I was just squgged out.

It seems Fortitude is destined to her fate, isolated and alone.

Sky TV calls the next episode (their episode 11) as the last one: "The chilling thriller concludes with a dramatic and emotional finale. Vincent faces a life-threatening situation, while Dan must make a devastating decision."
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oh god i want to barf

ug ug ug!

finally some wrapping up. i thought the loving moment between dan and elena was terrible mostly because of how confusing and stupid and bad the acting was.
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