Jane the Virgin: Chapter Seventeen
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Jane is mommy-shamed in Target and overwhelmed by all of the preparations and decisions about having her baby that she has not yet thought of. Rafael is busy with the Marbella, while his partner and ex-wife Petra is thinking of getting busy with Aaron Zazo (her dead lover Roman's identical twin). Xiomara moved in with Rogelio, and she and abuela Alba are still not on speaking terms because of it. Rogelio and Michael offer each other advice during and after mani-pedis.

Things with Xo and Ro are great, until Xiomara begins obsessing about how she and Rogelio haven't said "I love you" to one another yet. Xo gets angry with him for not saying it first, not taking her hints about saying it (Narrator: “Ah, a frame that says ‘love.’ Subtle, Xiomara.”), and going on at length about how much he loves his mother (who hates Xiomara). Meanwhile, Rogelio's bromance with Michael is really taking off, and Michael helps Rogelio discover where he went wrong with Xiomara. Rogelio appreciates Michael, and in return, helps encourage Michael to #MoveOn, because even though he is #TeamMichael, he must first and foremost remain #TeamJane.

Speaking of Michael, Jane's new friend Andie from her writer's group is obsessing about whether or not to make a move on her ex, whom she just ran into at Calle Ocho. Jane is supportive, and tells Andie to go for it, not knowing that she and Andie share the same ex. Jane volunteers to babysit Andie's sister's baby so Andie can work on her writing and Jane can work on her baby handling. In an unheard-by-Jane phone call from Michael, Andie reveals that even though Jane is unaware of their Michael connection, Andie herself is not.

Jane is caught up in all of the baby-related decisions she does not yet have an informed opinion about (lactation classes? should she get a doula? what is a doula?), getting into a fight with Xiomara, who tries to reassure her that the pressure is not as high as Jane thinks it is, when Jane is panicked about making the same mistakes her mother made with her. Between bouts of being yelled at by her imaginary future daughter, Jane is desperately seeking Rafael to help her make sense of everything. Unfortunately, Rafael is too busy preparing for a big party to capitalize on last week's David Bisbal press, but even though he applied for the event permit for the party two weeks ago, the city didn't approve it in time. Rafael convinces Petra to go through with the party anyway...until they are shut down by police, incurring a fine and losing their liquor license for a to-be-determined about of time. Jane tries to be understanding as Rafael tells her all of this while getting plastered, but Jane is frustrated too, and she's beginning to worry about Rafael constantly prioritizing work over her and the baby. The two of them make up the next day, but Rafael's solution to his overworking problem is to hire a nanny, which instills in Jane even more fear for their future. In contrast, when Jane has a porch-side heart-to-heart about her fears with abuela Alba and Xiomara, who have softened toward each other--after Alba sees herself in Xiomara, not knowing when to let her daughter make her own decisions--her mamá and abuela promise that they are all in this (baby-raising) together.

Petra meanwhile seems to be falling for Aaron Zazo: dead Roman Zazo's converted-to-Jainism twin brother. But before things go to far, Petra stops herself, for two reasons: 1) she is not yet over Rafael, and 2) she is now certain that Aaron is actually impaled-on-an-ice-sculpture-in-chapter-2 Roman.
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I'll admit that mom-shaming, and "doula vs. not" and "buy all the things" and other baby-related plots are necessary and required, but...nevertheless, this wasn't my favorite episode because I am an evil child hatter and hate plots revolving around mom-shaming.

Andie, you're officially creepy. I am also amazed that your cop ex has no idea you've been stalking him for 2+ years. Not loving that plot.

On the other hand, the Rogelio/Michael bromance, complete with Jr. Detective certificate and mani-pedis, is adorable.

I am convinced that Rafael will be utterly broke and probably jobless by the time the baby comes. Hiring a nanny won't be an option because Jane will be supporting the family and Rafael will have to move in with the Villanuevas and be the one watching the baby.

I have been wondering three things about this show:
(a) Is Jane still supposedly working at the telenovela, or is she out? I'd assume out, but it's never been confirmed to my recollection. Also, like Abuela said, she should have taken the teaching job!
(b) Where the heck is Allison, Luisa's supposed wife? Nobody ever consulted her about say, pitching Luisa in the mental institution or anything?
(c) Do Alba or Xiomara have any kind of job? Is Jane the only one working around there?
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I really enjoyed the episode, but I love this show so deeply that I come into every episode a bit biased. I also think that Gina Rodriguez's performance elevates even the most hackneyed plots, so I'm all in almost all the time.

That said...I'm still pretty bothered by some points in Petra's storyline. I believe that Petra left the Czech Republic (and her life as Natalia) because she feared Milos, which is why Petra and her mother kidnapped Ivan, Milos's henchman, right? And then Ivan got away, and Milos came back and...it turns out Milos loves Petra, bought the hotel for Petra, and is...where? And why was Ivan stalking and threatening Petra if Milos actually still loved her? Also, I think Milos was actually trying to spill acid on Magda's face, so he planted the coin that made Petra bend over so that Magda was hit, and that that all went perfectly, but Petra didn't know that. But again...why was Ivan after Petra?

As to your questions, jenfullmoon:

(a) I have assumed Jane quit the telenovela after Rogelio was fired, but I similarly cannot recall them explicitly stating this.
(b) I don't think we've ever seen Allison's face, but I think given Florida's same-sex marriage timeline (legal only since January of 2015, I believe), their union was probably not one that left the the mental institution legally beholden to Allison's consent.
(c) Xiomara mentioned Alba being at work in the episode, but I don't think her job has been established. Xiomara used to run a dance studio out of her home and work club gigs when she got them...but is that it?
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Hah, good point on all of the Petra stuff. That is confusing.

Right, I forgot Xo had a dance studio! Thanks!

Yeah, I didn't think the marriage was legal, but i just wondered where the hell she was not ever looking for her missing/shamaning/in mental institution wife at any point in time. Unless Rose had her kidnapped (ahem), it seems weird to mention her and never have her turn up. Then again, Luisa's on so infrequently...
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Is Andie Rose? (Why would Andie be Rose? Does Rose have actual motivation to come back / stick around? IDK!) I've been anxious about this, but it's mostly because I don't know yet how to manage my expectations for plot sense-making for this show--though I love it dearly.
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And where the hell is Luisa?

Also, Rafael's mother is still looming out there.

Nice to see the prediction about Aaron being Roman paid off. Sorry, Aaron! Too bad your asshole brother decided to kill you to fake his own death, so you didn't even get buried or mourned under your own name.
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I didn't know we were talking about this show on FanFare! Hurray! Some of these last few episodes are really flailing for me; so many storylines left to tie up before the finale and they're still bringing in new people!
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So, basically what mixedmetaphors said.
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