Vikings: The Lord's Prayer
May 7, 2014 12:23 PM - Season 2, Episode 10 - Subscribe

Ragnar and Lagertha return to Kattegat, where loyalties are tested by King Horik. Season finale.
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I'm happy for Athelstan now that he's back with his friends, but I was really enjoying the episodes where he was translating the old Roman manuscripts for King Ecbert. I still have a bad feeling that someday Floki is going to wind up in that room and set them all on fire, though.
posted by homunculus at 12:29 PM on May 7, 2014

That visual recap is hilarious!

I have to say, they hid that plot quite well. I did believe Floki had gone to the King's side. When what's-her-name Ragnar's new wife said "the gods are coming" that at least gave me hope that Ragnar and his team knew a fight was coming, so it would at least be a fair battle. But wow, I did not see the full double-cross coming.
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I was so mad at the end of the last season wrt terrible character development and trite conflicts but season 2 was really excellent and I am glad I watched!

And yes, I was really annoyed that certainly ONE of the supposed betrayers would be really betraying after all, as in both cases it seemed really OOC, so I am super glad it turned out that they were both double agenting.
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So what happens with Horik's nasty-pretty-boy son? taken captive? Isn't he a bit dangerous to leave alive?
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I assume he's gonna die or is maybe already dead?
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kept around to stir up shit next season, maybe
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YEAH and next season will be all about Greasy Aelle and Ecbert BathLord and Kwenthrith the Sex Fiend Saxon Princess and I am super excite.
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Does Floki really hate Athelstan that much, or is it all part of his act to portray a motive for betraying Ragnar? I mean, he did seem to start being resentful well before teaming up with Horik, but on the other hand, he went as far as staying away from his wife and new baby to further the plan. I like how elaborate this plot twist was.

and yes, Sex Fiend Saxon Princess is the best!
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Princess Kwenthrith would be an awesome halloween costume, because if some hunky dude shows up in a viking costume, you have a perfect excuse to rummage around in his pants.
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Vikings was helping me get over my Spartacus withdrawal symptoms. Now that it's gone for a while, does anyone have any suggestions of where I should go for my gratuitous violence + plot intrigue fix?
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Um, Game of Thrones perhaps?
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GoT is more drama and scheming than gleeful hacking of one's enemies to bits on a weekly basis. I can't actually think of a single GoT episode so far that was as stabbily gory as the average Spartacus or Vikings ep. Even the Tyrion facestabbing battle scene was pretty tame in comparison.
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where I should go for my gratuitous violence + plot intrigue fix?

you might like Penny Dreadful
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Season 3 starts tonight!
posted by homunculus at 10:16 AM on February 19, 2015

Fuck yeah!
posted by Ned G at 12:04 AM on February 20, 2015

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