Elementary: One Watson, One Holmes
April 10, 2015 8:05 PM - Season 3, Episode 19 - Subscribe

Holmes and Watson are drawn into an Internet war when a member of an anonymous hacker group is murdered.
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This was kind of a silly episode, for me. Always throws me out of suspension of disbelief when stupid almost-renaming happens like 'Everyone.' (See also: Facespace on LOSVU, anytime a phone number is 555, etc.)
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Although it's kind of funny when Holmes says things like "Everyone likes humiliating me."

On point: when Holmes accuses Watson of becoming another Holmes, Lucy Liu's body language has changed. Watch how she looks up at him, then puts her glasses back on and looks back down at her papers - the abrupt, bird-like movements and dismissive attitude are a beautiful reference to Jonny Lee's mannerisms.
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the abrupt, bird-like movements and dismissive attitude are a beautiful reference to Jonny Lee's mannerisms.

Ah, you're right. Thanks for pointing that out.
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Even her speech patterns mimicked Sherlock's staccato. It was very much an instance of two Sherlocks, which was great to see.

A very amusing comment from the end of the AV Club review:
I’d be curious to know if they tried to license an actual 80s cartoon before creating one of their own (which I think was Thundar the Barbarian, if I heard correctly?). [Edit: So apparently this is a real thing that existed, which I was 100% sure it could not be. I have learned my lesson to never underestimate the nonsense capable of being generated by the 1980s.]
Fun fact: my wife loves Ookla the Mok, mostly for the name as far as I can tell. And I love cheesy lunchboxes, so I would be thrilled if there were really an Ookla the Mok lunchbox, limited edition or otherwise. In short: I knew this was a real thing, and it made me and my wife pretty happy to have it included.

And of course, there's the return of Clyde, and the related Clyde Watch segment:
Clyde Watch: Okay, so here’s the thing. Obviously, I was thrilled to see Clyde—it’s been too long, and I’ve been worried, and I needed the joy Clyde brings for this busy week, in particular. However, speaking of existential struggles, I am concerned by Clyde’s lack of appreciation for T-Swift herself, Taylor Swift, as learned through Sherlock’s study of his listening preferences. To fundamentally dismiss her entire catalog is the kind of rash, judgmental statement that I thought Clyde was above, and this has thusly thrown my entire assessment of his character into disarray. I’ve tried to overcome this by writing this entire review while listening to one of Clyde’s favorite songs, “Free To Be You And Me”; however, despite the song’s thematically appropriate appeals to the value of individual freedoms, I find myself concerned that Clyde and I are not as compatible as I originally thought. Has he heard “All Too Well?” Has he seen her Tumblr? We need to talk about this, Clyde.
With the related image of Clyde's listening preferences.
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