Vikings: To The Gates!
April 10, 2015 7:04 PM - Season 3, Episode 8 - Subscribe

The vikings attack the gates and storm the walls of Paris.

Yes, for all intents and purposes, the episode is set entirely in Paris.
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Mad props from me for having so many extras and actual constructed sets. It almost felt better resourced than the Battle of Blackwater on GoT. I'll have to re-watch that and compare.

Got a bit battle-fatigued about 30 minutes in, though.
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Yeah, this is far far superior to any combat in GoT.
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I liked the berserker who took the arrow. Nice touch.
posted by homunculus at 1:52 PM on April 11, 2015

I loved that we saw a fairly realistic extended battle on screen. There were LOTS of cgi arrows flying by and thunking into flesh and wood all over this episode. I wouldn't be surprised that this one episode had more of them than game of thrones or even any of the LotR movies. It looked genuinely dangerous to be in that battle.

And Floki, it's not your fault!
posted by Catblack at 4:44 PM on April 11, 2015

And Floki, it's not your fault!

So Ragnar's plan worked. But at such a heavy cost. Yeah, Floki took it really hard.

The battle footage suggested to me like a 80% viking death rate. Post battle, more like 35-40%? Lower? It was pretty improbable that Bjorn got a couple of quarrels in the back and he's going to probably survive (if they don't get infected).

homunculus, are you referring to the guy who gets one in the shoulder, laughs about it, then gets one in the face? Almost surprised that no-one got an arrow in the knee.
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i am so pleased to have correctly deduced lagertha's plans for kalf
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It was definitely a long battle focused episode. But, not a bad one.

Rollo giving the princess eyes and vice versa. Hang in there (better than the ladder), as there's a pay off going....ahem.

I seriously thought Bjorn was dead when Ragnar found him and was in a state of surprise and shock, "They would kill off ANOTHER major character this quickly?!" and then he was better.

St. Denis to the rescue....sorta!

I quite enjoyed the Frankish defense of Paris. Did the English employ crossbows against the Vikings or just arrows?

Floki...I'm pretty fascinated to see how he recovers or doesn't.

I loved Ragnar's gaze of the city before he fell and his dialogue with Æthelstan.
posted by Atreides at 5:33 PM on April 12, 2015

Rollo giving the princess eyes and vice versa.

Rollo makes her naughty bits tingle, as the Church Lady would say. You can just tell.
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