My Brother, My Brother And Me: MBMBaM 247: Tangled Up in Carl
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Please, while you're listening to (and hopefully enjoying) this episode, spare a thought - a prayer, even - for Justin's dry, dry mouth. He's going through a lot right now, specifically with regards to his soda deficiency.   Suggested talking points: Wet Mouth, Marc Ecko Good, Snake Expertise, Workout Pizza, Jokes on Demand, Arby's Street Fight
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(Haven't had a chance to listen to this one yet, but Baby Geniuses still hasn't dropped and now I'm worried it'll be another two weeks before Emily and Lisa's hilarity graces my ears again.)
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OK, listened to it now, great episode. (And BG dropped finally, crisis averted!) The extended snake riff made the guys at the oil change place think I was on something, and Arby's Street Fight didn't really need embellishment but was great nonetheless.

The mentioned Travis/snake picture is here, BTW.
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And he's wearing a Cobra Kai shirt? Perfect.

Was their confusion over the Planet Fitness pizza a bit? I thought that was a widely distributed fact.
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I can't believe the snake story has never come up before. How can Travis just sit on a story like that?

Justin has obviously heard from somebody other than me about how drunk he was at his Minneapolis show. He's better sober, or, at least, soberish, although for God's sake make sure the man is hydrated.
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