Veep: Joint Session
April 14, 2015 10:40 PM - Season 4, Episode 1 - Subscribe

Selena Meyer has ascended to the highest office in the land. Mike is Juicing. Jonah gets close to the new VP's Chief of Staff. Amy's job is threatened. Gary watches over Selena. Kent dispenses wisdom. Selena is speechless. Two of the hikers are dead.
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The discomfort was strong in this episode. I spent a good part of it watching my hiding under my blanket in vicarious embarrassment, and my husband spent a good part of the speech with his face buried in my lap out of the same embarrassment.

The cycle of veep abuse continues.

Words cannot express my adoration of this show, and of Ms. Louis-Dreyfus.
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[Future Whatever]

Patton Oswald's character just slayed me. I knew a guy like that. Went up to an "enemy" in a mall food court and literally ate the guy's lunch while threatening him without making any threats.
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I think Patton's character is just Gay and attracted to Jonad, no? Like it's karmic retribution for Jonah being a gross PUA for his entire life?
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That wasn't my read at all. That read to me as straight up dominating Jonah by getting in his personal space while maintaining an outwardly polite facade.
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Yeah, I agree with that. Teddy may or may not be gay, but that was not in any sense a pick-up move. That was "Let's play the game of whose balls and whose hands."

I should add that the incident I described earlier wasn't when we were teenagers. He must have been in his thirties. Also, he had previously broken the victim's jaw.
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Ah, well it would seem I'm wrong then. It did strain believability that anyone would be interested in Jonah sexually.
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I loved Jonah's face in that scene. Just a wonderful combination of WTF and what do I do?!? Poor Gary though.
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Patton Oswald's performance was stellar - I didn't even think he was acting, it was so smooth and believable. Did you catch his grim face as he walked away from the elevator (closed door metaphor ahoy!)? GRIM. Wonderful.

He also made me empathize with Jonah, something I don't always find it in myself to do, as he's so emotionally stunted and over-the-top obnoxious (as the character is meant to be).

Yes, ball grab intentionally an intimidation technique - hey, we've all got body-bubbles, and when someone invades them, it is a naturally aggressive act. Now take that invasion and couple it (ha) with ball-touching and you've got an uber-aggressive act. Not sexual, though.
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(posted this comment to the wrong Veep thread - here it is in the proper episode post)

Also: what a strong opener to the season. Lots of great lines, like 'grey Elvis', 'Dobby the house elf', 'Jonah had some fantastic lines as always, and Richard (Sam Richardson - almond croissant guy) is shaping up to be a great stooge.

Dan: "Mike trying to be healthy. It's like a potato trying to whistle."

Mike: (excitedly) "Wendy and I made a deal. If I make it to 50, I can quit fruit for good!"

Gary (Tony Hale): "Nobody hates me as much as I hate myself."

Sue had great lines, too.

thumbcock, of course...

Lots of Amy (Anna Chlumsky), but not much Dan (Reid Scott), alas (who can pull funny faces and is very good at reaction shots).
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I'm pretty sure the joint chiefs offered up the sub program knowing 1) it's a cold war relic and 2) it's too valuable to Congress to get rid of. It's common.
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