The Adventure Zone: Ep. 12. Murder on the Rockport Limited - Chapter Three
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Our heroes board their fateful train to Neverwinter, and are rude to just about every single person aboard. Merle strikes out at evangelism. Magnus learns that he may not, in fact, have the biggest muscles. Taako just wrecks some baby carrots.
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McElroy family drama update: Travis teases Griffin about how many pillows he needs to sleep.
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Poor Jenkins!
I feel bad for him.
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D&D experts: Was Justin right in suspecting that a boy who can roll a 24 Charisma saving throw is more powerful than he's letting on?
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I believe they are playing DnD Next (or 5th Edition, if you will)
So according to this site

A (Charisma, Strength Dexterity, etc) score of 10 or 11 is average for a human adult. A score of 18 is the highest that a normal person usually reaches. Adventurers can have scores as high as 20, and monsters and divine beings can have scores as high as 30.

A Charisma check involves rolling a 20 sided dice and adding your ability modifier.
Your ability modifier is your ability score minus 10 and divided by 2 (round down).

So in order to get a 24 the fancy boy must have had a Charisma of at least 18 AND rolled a 20.
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The pillow detour was amazing.

The Scottish accent wasn't, although I do enjoy Clint's repeated and unsuccessful attempt to find an voice for his character.

Justin baiting Jenkins for being a crappy wizard was both unnecessary and hilarious. As was their complete inability to fathom what the pleasure room did and their demands to be sent into the next room over.
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Everything was hilarious... I think I've realized that I mostly just want to hear them stumble and improvise their way through these stories. The combat can be fun too, but most of the time when they're heavy in the dice rolling I just want to get back to the story.
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"You're a worse wizard than Jenkins?"
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I'm going to imagine Jenkins as a real Abracadaniel.
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Finally listening through these, and it bugged the hell out of me that, given that the Pleasure Room would obliterate any object one attempted to carry back from it, they didn't use the portal to go into the safe itself, find the relic, and then pull it out.

But I guess getting to see the arc play out was pretty fun too.
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