Murder, She Wrote: No Accounting for Murder   Rewatch 
April 18, 2015 8:24 AM - Season 3, Episode 19 - Subscribe

Jessica visits her nephew, Grady, in New York City, where he's an accountant at Paul Carlisle and Associates. It's tax season, so the office is busy, and the partners, Ralph Whitman and Paul Carlisle, are busier dodging the IRS agent who things they're up to something shady. After going out for dinner with his aunt, Grady returns to the office to keep working, where he comes across the body of Ralph, who was strangled in his seat. When the police get involved, Grady is suspect #1, with the building's ghost as suspect #2, due in part to the mysteriously disappearing items and the ominous writing on the walls. Can JB sort this all out?

Starring Ron Masak, in his second of three characters on MSW, previously seen on S01E19, Footnote to Murder, and returning in season 5 for a recurring role.
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And, we're back! I took a break from posting (and watching) MSW episodes because I was catching up with Game of Thrones. This episode was rather interesting to watch, with some very cinematic sequences, like the ominous warning on the wall, the likes of which I don't remember from prior episodes.
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How many nephews does Jessica's have, anyway?
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And if she has so many, why does she visit Grady more than anyone else? Grady of the bad luck and preponderance of tuna.

This episode was the first of four M,SW appearances for Geoffrey Lewis (mefi obit post), father of Juliette Lewis and such a great character actor. Kate Vernon plays Connie Norton, the striking blonde who caught Grady's eye, and years later she will play Ellen Tigh on Battlestar Galactica!
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I believe it's canon (and Wikipedia backs me up on this) that Jessica and Frank raised Grady for a while after his parents were killed in a car accident.
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OK, now I am sad for Grady and his dead parents and I feel bad!
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Grady Fletcher's entry on the M,SW wikia, with his back story and a list of all the episodes he's been in. It's a lot.
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I'm beginning to think that all of Grady's bumbling is just a coping mechanism he's developed after facing so much trauma. I mean, his parents die, his favorite uncle Frank passes away, and he's a witness to a murder roughly twice a year for 11 years. It can't be easy.
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