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Late night phone call — Να είναι καλύτερο άνθρωπο από τον πατέρα του — extraction needed — the wrong laptop — Brandon asks for some spare parts — the temptress and her vagenda — pastry seductions and epiphanies — we need heroes like you — plea for help — a moral dilemma and a decision — meanwhile, a hostage situation at Penn Station — something more, in photos — just relax, no pressure — swapsies — late to work — payback.
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Oh vagenda, your are my most favorite Walterism of them all...never change.

Jasika Nicole is really good in the lab scene here, I think.

EVIDENCE THAT I AM A HORRIBLE PERSON: When what's his name gets the shot and walks off I always, without fail, say, "lieutenant got new legs! New legs. Magic legs."

Broyles does the thing that I always do when someone says, "I don't think you want to see this," or "don't look." We are both derps in that way.
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I always like (dislike) how the red universe shows how easily blue-Brandon's nerdy, gadgety enthusiasm could turn into Downright Eeeeevil. Cause man, is he evil. In some ways he creeps me out even more than Walternate.

Yeah, Broyles really shouldn't have looked. And I feel soooo bad for alternate Broyles. He was such a good guy.

Which actually makes me think (and my brain is funny today, just bear with me) of the differences between the different versions.

Walter - eccentric, brilliant, soft-hearted; Walternate - even more brilliant, Machiavellian, mean and conniving
Brandon - using nerdly powers for corporate conglomerate; alternaBrandon - using powers for evil
Olivia - too complicated but ultimately good; Fauxlivia - with her conniving vagenda but actually seems nice too if it weren't for the vagenda
Blue Peter - we will never know; Peter - man of many talents with a soft heart but not afraid to beat up the baddies
Broyles & Broyles seem much the same, just suit vs tight T-shirt
Charlie & Charlie ditto
Astrid - socially adjusted, gets all the crappy jobs, kind; RedAstrid - definitely not socially adjusted, some kind of hypermental prodigy
Lincoln - we never really see Blue Lincoln enough to know much, but he seems more shy and reserved compared to Red Lincoln.

I have no idea what my point is. I did mention the strangeness of my brain? Someone else say something!
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I am watching Fringe for the first time now (but jumping all around/reading all the spoilers because until I did that I wasn't interested in the show at all) and I was so glad to finally get to this episode!

Broyles is a great guy in both universes and I'm sad that he's so lonely in "our" universe.

Fauxlivia creeped me out and every time there was a scene with her and Peter my skin just crawled.

I want to know more about Astrid and her personal life.

And now I have nothing to say except I <3 Fringe.
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I'm First Watching whilst braving the Rewatch threads and the series really does get better and better.

Athanassiel: you forgot Red Charlie's not-worms :)
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