RuPaul's Drag Race: Conjoined Queens
April 22, 2015 9:18 AM - Season 7, Episode 8 - Subscribe

In which a mini-challenge showcases the return of Latrice! Royale! as a prison guard and the maxi-challenge (including all this season's eliminated queens!) reveals that pretty much everyone is a good sport. (Pretty much.) LSFYL: Epic.
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This was the best episode of the season so far, for me. It doesn't hurt that my girl Trixie is back in the running.

There's a fun episode commentary by Alaska and Shangela here.
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I thought structuring the episode this way with all of the eliminated queens vying to return to the show was great. Trixie's return was immensely satisfying. I'm also glad we got to hear more from, for instance, Tempest, whose experiences with conversion therapy were so heartbreaking. And wow was it painful to hear where Trixie's name came from.

I'm still not sure about how I feel about Untucked this season. In some ways I like the changes, like the visuals and how much more casual it feels, but it also just seems so much more lifeless without the games and the two-rooms-designed-for-feuding lounge.
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Great episode -- way more fun and less uncomfortable than most makeover challenges -- but Trixie's return had a bit of a sour taste for me. It wasn't a clear win any more than her departure was a clear loss, and in retrospect the whole thing feels like a bit of a setup. (To me, Katya/Kasha was the clear win, but I understand why they felt like Trixie had more fight left in her.)

I was less than impressed with Kennedy's strategy with the team-ups. Why give most people decent physical matches? Why go so far out of her way to screw Jaidynn, who'd already lipsynched twice and was presumably not long for this world anyway? And while it arguably worked, it's not like it worked because they didn't get along or were physically mismatched.

(If Sasha was an attempt to screw Ginger, though, tbf it worked. Though both Sasha and Tempest were endearing in their commitment to the lip-synch.)
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Also, relevant to last week, here is the Alyssa's Secret episode where Alyssa Edwards reacts to seeing Violet Chachki dressed as Alyssa Edwards.
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I think the wrong queen came back, but otherwise it was a terrific episode.

The thing that strikes me is the never-ending propping up of Pearl, with this "I sent Trixie home, and now I'm going to bring her back" after the so-called "redemption," which didn't really pan out, even with all the editing they keep throwing Pearl's way. It may just be because I'm old and jaded, but Pearl seems to believe her own hype quite a bit, and is taking all of this as her due, which sucks.

Katya and Mrs. Kasha Davis were astounding, and they have more performance chops between the two of them than all the rest of the queens (possibly excepting Ginger) combined. If you haven't watched Katya's "RuGrets" and "Ruflections" on YouTube yet, you really should. She's a total star, amazingly hilarious and really avant garde all at once.

I also liked the shoehorned, "Violet has just become a totally different person in the week and a half since I left, a month in the viewers' time!!" thing. I get it. They want a young queen to be a contender. They just picked the wrong young queens this season.
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When Violet said "That's a compliment, not a read. I'm doing this thing now where I tell people when I compliment them, so they don't think I'm being shady," I nearly spit out my drink. THAT is the most accomplished read I think I've ever seen on this show.
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Katya and Mrs. Kasha Davis absolutely KILLED me, and doubly so when Kasha told Ginger Minj what the fuck in the Interior Disillusions Lounge. Because, while I know she is getting an edit, damn she was serving Pandora Boxxx All Stars Realness (hashtag xingcat and Li'l Poundcake clocked at the exact same time on Twitter.)

That lipsynch was absolutely HILARIOUS, though. Props to Sasha Belle for smuggling those scissors on stage, and props to her for coordinating the physical parts of the performance with Ginger.

I loved this episode, and I wish we could just take all the queens back and do everything over again with more of this sort of thing, although I would like Tempest DuJour to catch one goddamn break next time around.
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