Inside Amy Schumer: Milk Milk Lemonade
April 23, 2015 2:35 PM - Season 3, Episode 1 - Subscribe

Sketches include Footbal Town Nights, Last F*ckable Day, and Milk, Milk, Lemonade (clips NSFW).

There's also a discussion about Football Town Nights on the blue.
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Did anyone catch who the three guest stars in the Last Fuckable Day sketch were? My pop culture knowledge sucks.
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Julia-Louis Dreyfus, Patricia Arquette, Tina Fey.
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Amy starts the new season strong.
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I thought it was mostly OK; some cute moments, the interview was actually very interesting, and there was precisely one time when I was caught off-guard and really laughed out loud: "Can I have a gun?" "Yep." Actually, I thought the birth control piece was probably the strongest, followed by the opening musical. Last Fuckable Day was mostly meh and far too long, and the Football Rape sketch was a drawn out one-joke.
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I've long thought that Schumer was the junior partner in the Comedy Central Sketch Show Bonanza behind Key & Peele, but damn if she didn't bring it fucking hard in this one. If she sustains at 90 percent, this season is going to crush.
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Weirdly enough, Katy Perry went there first with the Milk Milk thing. She was actually trying to make it sexy, though. Small wonder it only survives as an outtake. (Seriously, it's amazing it got that far. Was anybody really expecting Katy Perry to get onstage in one of her candy costumes and sing a cutesy-sexy song about lactating, urinating and pooping?)
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The Milk, Milk, Lemonade thing has been around for a while for everyone, hasn't it? I remember singing that as a kid in the '70s (in the Midwest).
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I don't think anyone thought it was sexy as a kid in the 70s? at least I hope not.

I hadn't personally come across it until fairly recently for whatever reason, but understood it as a kind of juvenile / playfully dirty kid's rhyme, like "Miss Lucy had a steamboat". The joke here is making it a sexy come hither line.
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I liked her rapidly escalating wineglasses in the football sketch. Also, I really liked Josh Charles on Sports Night, and it's good to see him getting work.
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I thought it was a very strong episode. I didn't think the interview was that great but I'm usually underwhelmed by the interviews - the one with the really old lady was the best. But I thought the sketches were great and it makes me optimistic for this season.
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I really enjoyed all the sketches. Last Fuckable Day made me laugh out loud more than once and I thought the Friday Night Lights was fantastic and pointed and funny. There are so many sly little moments tucked into this show.
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