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Will assists the investigation into a woman's body found inside a horse, while Alana frets about Will's intentions toward Hannibal. With the clock ticking, Will and Hannibal race to protect a witness they believe to be in great peril.

In which we go from zero to murder boyfriends quite quickly! One of the more disgusting (to me) dishes is served, but also, the single greatest line of dialogue in the entire series is delivered. The script is available.
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I posted part way through rewatching the episode. Having finished it: I'd forgotten that this is the one where we first meet Margot. I'd also thought it was the next episode, not this one, that gave us the greatest bit of fancrack.

I had not forgotten in the slightest how great Jeremy Davies is as Peter though.
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Yeah, this is where it goes from "wtf does Will think he's doing" to "JUST KISS ALREADY" in the course of about ten minutes. Glorious.
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The heart-shaped murder caress.
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Will on his way to steal yo man.
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Hannibal petting a lamb to quiet it down.
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I wish I'd had the foresight and time to do this from the start but: I've been skimming over the big MeFi threads we did for the show during season 2... And oh my god we are adorable. I really, really wish I had time to pick out highlights in the lead up to and airing of at least the last two or three episodes (this one included), never mind what comes next.

Hindsight makes almost everything hilarious. WHO KNEW?
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I was just watching an episode of NCIS and one of the characters is accused of murder or nonlegit use of force or something. And the boss is all like NO I AM A MARINE WE LOOK OUT FOR EACH OTHER and they are all going to any lengths to gather exonerating evidence and going over and over it even after it seems hopeless and then they find something and construct an exonerating story and one character tries to comfort him with aromatherapy and the asshole character comes round and tries to be nice to him in his assholish way and the mean boss lady advocates for bail and yeah the accused guy gets exonerated. He is a bit upset in the end because he did shoot someone. But the asshole character told him that by next week this will all just be a bad memory.

And I read complaints that the other characters in Hannibal are implausibly stupid.

The whole reason why stories like that NCIS one are the prevailing narrative in our culture is because they are comforting. They are escapism.

Will does eventually wrest this support from Jack but it's all done on Jack's own terms and is too little too late, not because Jack has bad intentions but because he already made a dog's breakfast of the investigation.
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Bryan Fuller dropping season 3 hints like the tease he is. Oh yeah, SPOILER ALERT!!!
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I'm more impressed with our prediction hits! If only cause predicting the most insane thing to happen is usually a good bet on this show.

The thi about re watching them in a spree is that the arcs become much more clear, and you can see them plotting out a 13 episode season as a series of 3 feature length films - in hindsight that implied time jump/ recontextualization of this episode works fine but at the epitome it felt like "AND NOW HERE ARE MORE CHARACTERS WITH AN ASSUMED RELATIONSHIP,"

I also like how, even as we are in full investigation mode, there is almost no CSI-ing or that standard police procedural feel.
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I mean they do CSI this, but it only undermines how much it doesn't feel like a standard crime scene scene.Okay re watch time:

The beautiful plain white background, like a void, and a bit of a call back to Fishburne's role in The Matrix. Also, this is ...not even a metaphor they're talking about here. It's ...not subtle. Go create that shared reality where you are the only thing Hannibal Wants! That's not even subtext.

I love that the first meal Will has with Hannibal is something that can't possibly be human meat but he still makes it weird.

will's blazer is a slightly nicer version of the kind he usually wears, less professory more local squire.

Jack's blue shirt and suit tying him into the room, the same hue!

Hannibal in the stables, everyone is deferring to him! It's spooky! He moves like he's the main character in a stage play. Everyone is saying yes! Part of the plan no doubt.

It is jarring but love how the Vergers are introduced, just weird and rich and stylized and super strange.

Even in a show where everyone is a clotheshorse, Margot stands out. She's so high fashion, so aggressive and metallic, fulfills the thing McQueen said "I want to dress women so people are afraid of them."

Alana in bed: honestly concerned that Will is a killer? Or trying to make sure she stays number one pet?also he keeps like negging her subtly. Creepy Hannibal, creepy.

According to commentary the bird thing was supposed to be even more inexplicable, an honest to gosh miracle, a touch of magic in a murder wizard haunted world but they held back a bit...and I think they thread the meddle well. It's juuust over the edge of magical realism.

Also it's such a call back to finding the deathshead moth in the throat in SoTL.

The bird of, of course, a Starling.

The coffin birth is an interesting metaphor, since they use it to talk about Peter but also, about Will and Hannibal - Hannibal as something born dead - vampire, also tying into the idea of things that should've been killed at birth from season one I think, and also Will trying to pass himself as Hannibal's ideal bait...reborn from jail as something dead or that brings death.

Aww poor Peter, another victim in a terrible system that no one will listen to and the first suspect.

The fantasy Will is spinning to Hannibal is so, so clever. Sins of omission, I don't have to hide, don't lie to me, can't just talk to anyone, With my hands......I finally find you interesting....he's hitting every one of Hannibal's secret dream journal spots.

It's also interesting in retrospect now that we know Hannibal has been cultivating serial killers like plants -- "doing bad things to bad people makes you feel good" = "aha I have figured you out! You can be my avenging justice student! My best one so far!"

Abrahams doesn't get enough credit for brining a real weight to Zeller, he could've been so much more light and trival.

Love the super high fashion sling that resembles horse harnesses, Margo is always seen in these restraints and chains and buckle motifs.

Peter is framed like a saint, the hollow cheeks and light pouring around his head, otherworldly.

will's "Do you have a shadow" speech is both the scariest thing on the show and like, the entire thesis statement for his arc so far.

Peter's social worker, basic clothing form as Hannibal but casual, downmarket, less luxurious and more everyday, but the same blue shirt/brown jacket combo- Another cheap imitation. Alana is actually really good here, and I wonder how much of it is from knowing Hannibal is watching.
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There is ...so. Much. Tearing open visual motifs in this season.
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The coffin birth is an interesting metaphor, since they use it to talk about Peter but also, about Will and Hannibal - Hannibal as something born dead

I actually thought the coffin birth was Abigail, you have the twisting sheets in the Hannibloom scene followed by a sheet being pulled back on a corpse.

But I'm starting to question my assumption that Abigail dies, based on what the article says about "the future of Abigail Hobbs" - that future could be that there is none. It would be freakier and more interesting if she lived, though.
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Will assists the investigation into a woman's body found inside a horse

I must admit, I do enjoy the fact that a précis of Hannibal reads like a parody précis of Hannibal. It takes guts to be as ridiculous as a parody of you would be.

(I genuinely mean it entirely as a compliment.)
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Well, it's like hannibal picking out the flowers for the Clarice Seduction Dinner. A lot of flowers wasn't enough but far too many was just right, or something like that (I've blocked out that godawful book but you get the idea).
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Eh, I would bet money that Alana+Margot is gonna be a thing now, in light of what I just read, and Mason's 'you've got a bloom' remark in S2.

Cuz I guess that would 'raise eyebrows'.

Of course so would going back to Hannibal... I long for my beautiful dark!Alana... so disappointing if they choose the blander path for her.

All her behaviour thus far would be consistent with being in a closet, though which closet I feel has yet to be revealed... but knowing her it would just be a normal closet.
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So guess who was offered the role of Peter before Jeremy Davies, and only turned it down for scheduling reasons?

PATTON OSWALT. I cannot even imagine.
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I feel like he certainly has a place on the show somewhere if it can happen but dang I cannot imagine anyone else playing Peter at all.
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