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Jamie takes Claire to his family home, Lallybroch.
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Claire gets a vase! I think that was my favourite moment in this episode, because they lingered on her face when the tenant gave her the flowers and it called back to the first episode and Claire's monologue about the vase. She thinks she's home, all right.
posted by tracicle at 2:09 AM on April 26, 2015

I loved this episode. Jenny and Ian were great. I also thought the writers did a fantastic job of showing just how much of a jolt it was for Jenny and Ian to have Jamie and Claire suddenly show up, and how young and immature Jamie really can be. Much more explicit than in the books, in a way I really appreciate.

That was some seriously floppy penis from Jack Randall.

Also, drunk Jamie. I'd watch a whole episode of drunk Jamie.
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Oh, and maybe a dumb question. Do we know who the dudes at the end are? I haven't done a re-watch yet but didn't catch it on the first go.
posted by olinerd at 2:30 AM on April 26, 2015

Drunk Jamie was the best! I want a whole episode of Claire telling him about future things like airplanes and riding elephants.

I liked that episode a lot!

I thought one of the guys at the end was the McNabb guy and that was the watch, but looking at an episode description for next week I think I was jumping ahead too fast. My friend watching it with us thought one of the dudes was Horrocks. Which would be interesting but so off-book I have no idea where they'd be going with that.
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It's not the Campbells or whoever it was he got in a fight with after the duel, is it?

McNab was my guess too but my mom did a re-watch and said it's definitely not him.
posted by olinerd at 4:20 AM on April 26, 2015

In the books McNab dobs him in to the Black Watch, but isn't present (at least it isn't specified that he is) when the Black Watch come for Jamie. Mind you they don't just wander into the house, either.

The timing is right for this to be the Watch, so I'm going to assume it is. I haven't had my second viewing yet though! I feel like we're storming through the book to fit everything in, but at the same time we're skipping a lot of boring wandering around the farm and other such filler.

Gabaldon's fb followers are having a long discussion about whether The Penis was a prosthesis -- which I guess it could be given the way his trousers might sort of hold it in place?
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Tobias Menzies has tweeted #whatmodestypouch.
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It never crossed my mind that it was anything but a prop dick -- if the penis has to be onscreen for any length of time doing some sexual action, don't they always use a prosthetic? They can't do makeup & lighting tests on an actor's real penis, or have a boner/lack of boner messing up the shot on the day. And aren't there obscenity rules that come into play if you're showing a real sex act versus a simulation?
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Cable isn't subjected to FCC regulation.
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I have to say out of all the shows that I watch it wasn't on Outlander that I thought I would be having a stunt penis conversation.
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What was it, then?? I need to be watching those shows if they are even more likely to have stunt penises.
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God help me, the floppy, possibly-prosthetic penis may be the thing that makes me break down and buy a season pass for this thing.

For my sins, I read the book. Now I'm starting the next book, which is like the most unconvincing recreation of 1968 ever. *Ever.* They're all "yeah, Culloden was very terrible, let us discuss our bitterness about imperialism and our feelings about nationalism" and nobody is like "and also Vietnam! And what about what's going on in Northern Ireland!" And how exactly does one get to be an upper-middle-class 20-year-old from Boston in 1968 and be such a goody-two-shoes that one will not drink a beer because it's still several months until one's 21st birthday? These books are exquisitely silly and slightly misogynistic and very possibly homophobic, and yet I am totally engrossed, and I think it may be worth $24 to see Black Jack Randall's possibly-prosthetic floppy penis.
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My partner and I have a theory that the reason Jamie is such a crushworthy person (beyond the obvious hotness) is that he sincerely and forthrightly apologizes when he is wrong, including--if not especially--to the women in his life.
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Wait, was the vase Claire was given in this episode the same one she was looking at in Ep. 1? It has puzzled me that she mentioned how many lives were changed by that vase. It seems such an ordinary item to carry such significance, and that it would be seen in passing. I thought Claire was looking at the flowers in the vase, myself.

I enjoyed this episode a great deal – Jenny and Ian were perfect. The interplay between the four of them was a lot of fun to watch: Jamie and Jenny at each other, while Claire and Ian simply try to stay out of the way and minimize the broken crockery. I recall that Jenny's reception of Claire was even chillier in the books, and it took a great deal before Jenny fully trusted her.

As for the books, I have to sympathize with ArbitraryAndCapricious. I tore through the first three last fall, and for what it's worth, found the second to be a dreadful slog. Honestly I think I prefer the adaptation to the original.
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No, it wasn't the same vase. It just made me think of that whole voiceover about whether she wanted to buy the vase and all that it entailed, and here she was being given a vase in the place she wanted to call home, with a different husband.
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Our neighbor-friend-couchmate warned us that there was peen in this one. SHE HEARD IT FROM HER PARENTS. Oy. So we were sitting there watching, but I was noodling on my laptop, and... "Oh, there's the penis." So of course I rewound, but did it have to be Jack's?

It looked somewhere between a Muppet (god knows why) and one of those packable ones that they sell at our local woman-owned sex shop.

But then Jamie in the stream made it much better. Oh so much better.

I'm still slogging through Dragonfly in Amber myself. Blah blah blah France. Blah blah wine merchants.
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FWIW, Tobias Menzies reveals there were no prosthetics involved in That Scene, which is a satisfying stride in the march toward gender parity of naughty bits on cable TV. To be fair, he did strip off a while back in Rome.
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Well, then.

Tobias, if you're reading this, you have a perfectly cromulent penis, but DEAR GOD THE LIGHTING.
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So, no Kenneth in the TV version.
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