Fringe: The Firefly
April 26, 2015 3:06 AM - Season 3, Episode 10 - Subscribe

Walter is determined to make himself smarter to compensate for the missing bits of his brain. Meanwhile, one of his musical idols, Roscoe Joyce from Violet Sedan Chair, has had a visit from his long-dead son, and Walter generously offers to spring him from the retirement home to try to help him figure out what it all means (perhaps aided by the perfect strawberry milkshake). After the Observer saves a young woman's life, things start to get very complicated.

Bonus points for butterflies, rather than fireflies:
- That other Bradbury story, hinging on a dead butterfly, was written a decade before Edward Lorenz popularised the phrase "butterly effect". Notice how the picture of Lorenz's strange attractor looks oddly like a butterfly. Not that one though.

And a bonus repeat link for Violet Sedan Chair (thanks, the man of twists and turns).
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I flip flop on whether I think Christopher Lloyd is good or bad here.

An example of Walter thinking the Observers are up to one thing while they're actually doing another thing. At least Walter is right about Observers not thinking like humans do.

ASHRAM is one of my favorite Astrid nicknames.

Walter's guitar boxers are soooo Walter. Good job, wardrobe.

I find the gift of the book very limerance-y, bordering on teenage angsty.
posted by fluffy battle kitten at 2:17 PM on April 28, 2015

Christopher Lloyd good or bad as an actor? Or a character? It's oddly appropriate that they got him involved in a time travel episode though.

It's a very awkward time for Olivia and Peter. My sympathies are entirely with her. I think the book thing is dumb too.
posted by Athanassiel at 12:32 AM on April 29, 2015

Christopher Lloyd just in this role. I think his character was just not written as well as I would like...don't think it's really him as an actor.
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I think my problem with this episode is that it seems like so much of the awkward is on Liv's shoulders when I really wish Peter was way more freaked out than we ever really see him.
posted by fluffy battle kitten at 1:05 AM on April 29, 2015

Yeah, Peter just seems to stand around not saying anything in response to her unhappiness. I guess he's not going overboard with self-justification at least, but it's a bit lacking. I'm liking him less this time round, and not just because I have a huge crush on Olivia.
posted by Athanassiel at 3:27 AM on April 29, 2015

So there's basically to major themes that this series uses / falls back on, and while the previous episode hits the "what makes me, me?" drum pretty hard, this one hammers the "parent losing a child" keys
posted by the man of twists and turns at 10:12 PM on May 8, 2015

Yeah, I got excited when I saw Christopher Lloyd but this particular role seemed like kind of a waste of his talents. I love the shout-out to Walter's friend Dr. Jacoby all out of proportion.
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