Murder, She Wrote: Murder, She Spoke   Rewatch 
April 28, 2015 1:38 PM - Season 3, Episode 22 - Subscribe

While Jessica is recording some of her mystery stories for the blind, the sound studio literally goes dark and the studio's new owner is killed. The blind record producer quickly arrested, with his motive tied to the fact that the producer's blindness was due to a car crash caused by the dead man, but Jessica is convinced that it's a set-up, and fights the lieutenant's misogyny, and to prove her friend's innocence.

There's an interesting collection of guest stars: Charlie Daniels is the semi-washed up singer, Stoney Carmichael, and William Atherton returns, previously seen in the episode Murder in the Afternoon. G.W. Bailey makes his first of two appearances as a lieutenant on M,SW. Jonna Lee (Sally Ann Carmichael) will also return to the show in a later season, as will Fredric Lehne (Al Parker).
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Another fun fact, only loosely tied to this episode: while searching for "Murder, She Spoke," I found a lot of results for an album of that name by La Chat, a rapper from Memphis.
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Netflix seems to skip right over this one. Bummer...
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