Veep: Data
April 28, 2015 8:58 AM - Season 4, Episode 3 - Subscribe

It's Easter weekend, and the White House has inadvertently outed a girl with HIV. Unfortunately, the data breach that ruined the girl's life is much, much bigger than anticipated. The team scrambles to run damage control, and a bigger head than Leigh's (Ellie's? Chloe's) must roll...

Meanwhile, Selina is losing micro-donors and support on Families First. Teddy continues to sexually harass Jonah, this time in front of Dan. Selina bullies Catherine into stepping out of anti-bullying. Jonah's new assistant Richard loves everything about fireworks, and VP Doyle loves The Police. Oh, and it's Dan's head that rolls.
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Even though the Onion joke was spoiled in the promos for the show, the setup with the "aged" photo where it looks like Selena looked at the Ark of the Covenant made it worth it.
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Is it a pattern of Iannucci's to throw in a bunch of new characters whenever he feels like it without making much effort to introduce them? I only barely knew what Ben's role was and am still not really sure where Bill came from.

And props for adding "AIDS-nami" to the list of disasters this show has cooked up. Yeesh.
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hahaha "Curveball" reference!

Ben was the Chief of Staff to the former President, and is now Chief of Staff to Selina.
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