The Amazing Race: Fruits of Our Labor
May 2, 2015 8:12 AM - Season 26, Episode 10 - Subscribe

5 teams race from Amsterdam to Trujillo, Peru on a race around the world.

This leg features a failure to ask about earlier arriving planes, fireworks, harvesting sugarcane, nice looking plazas, cabbies (and racers) who don’t know their destination, fog, llamas, llama loans, bickering, people running right by the clue, scenic pigs, an awesome penalty for sorting wrong, unnecessary cab rides, carelessly tossed machetes, old typewriters, the Andes, demanding high fives, sugarcane juice, “moonshine”, and potatoes.
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“That wouldn’t hold up in court… ‘I thought Blair’s head was sugarcane.’”

Oh hey, did you know they are fitbitting it up on this leg? Cause fitbit fitbit fitbit. Fitbit!
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I'm curious as to what all the ingredients they had to pick up for that Peruvian drink were. I don't speak Spanish, but I've picked up enough Spanish food terms to get a few of them (arroz = rice, canelo = cinnamon), and a few others seemed to be the same in English and Spanish (garbanzo, quinoa), but I wasn't able to figure out any of the others. Any ideas?
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I think the drink was Chicha, which seems to have variants for every town - it looks like corn, sugarcane and/or brown sugar, various fruits or seeds, coriander, and some kind of local yeast are in most (however alleged) Peruvian Chicha recipes. It looks delicious.
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That was a tasty looking leg of the race!
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