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May 3, 2015 3:53 AM - Season 3, Episode 12 - Subscribe

Nina meets with Olivia and tells her that there are many versions of the book about the First People in many languages, and Bell knew about them for a long time. She also gives Olivia some relationship advice familiar to denizens of AskMetafilter, revealing that she clearly comes from an Ask (not Guess) culture. Meanwhile, a scientist has received an unusual birthday gift that results in his bones turning to jelly. After an initial lead proves less than successful, Walter thinks another survivor of the Cortixephan trials may be able to help using his ability to read minds. As a special bonus, we get to see Olivia dressed to the nines.
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It is pretty annoying that YET ANOTHER Cortixephan subject is just brought out of the woodwork when required here. Obviously this was seen as a way of dealing with two plots in the form of one deus ex pharmacopia, since Simon can further Olivia's paranoia about Peter at the same time. I do love Olivia, but I wanted to reach into the television and shake her at several points during this episode. Both her situation and Simon's re the whole object of romantic desire thing just make me feel a lot better about being single.

Incidentally, I asked the magic 8-ball if I should keep going with Fringe on FanFare and it said "Outlook not so good". I was hoping for something more encouraging.
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The note from Simon always strikes me as being oddly passive aggressive. It's not really an action he needed to take...especially since he would like to not be constantly bombarded with hearing others' thoughts in his own life.
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Another mysterious cortexiphan subject...who Walter happens to keep tabs on enough to know his address. Walter's address book must be fascinating.
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Maybe Simon was trying to annoy Olivia out of her passiveness? I shall leave you a totally ambiguous note (feelings = what kind? love? hate? sexytimes? tells really good shaggy dog stories? embarrassment that she was a better con artist than he was?) so that you bloody well ask him what's going on! No, far too easy. And to be fair, Peter has previously shown a tendency to stand or sit there without saying anything in their previous D&Ms. But still...
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You may have hit on why I find some of the behaviors and non-reactions from Peter so annoying. Because it's what I do. Derp. At the same time Liv is also being tight lipped and neurotic...again, a thing I do. Communication is fun!
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Oh totally. I used to be so good at making up all kinds of reasons why Things Were Wrong so I actually completely get where Liv is coming from. It's what I would do too, probably. But it also annoys me greatly in her, just as it would annoy me greatly in myself. Like I said, this episode makes me glad I'm not dating and thus not doing the stupid head games. Being single is much better, and so much easier than working on your communication issues!
posted by Athanassiel at 10:53 PM on May 3, 2015

"She has more experience with the Defense Department."

Oh really, Col. Broyles? The FBI doesn't have that rank.
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