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May 19, 2015 10:25 PM - Season 3, Episode 13 - Subscribe

Col. Broyle's absences leads to Lincoln's promotion. Fauxlivia reunites with her boyfriend at the Empire State Building airship dock, where they find a sheep parasite that was thought to have died out when they did. Someone is running tests again, and Walternate faces a difficult ethical decision from B-randon.
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I was 8 when The Wrath of Khan came out. I don't know how I wound up seeing the film at the movie theatre, but somehow I did. The bit with the bugs* in the ears? Terrified me. This episode brings all of that back, with extra ick factor because the skelter beetles (which do not really exist) look a hell of a lot like cockroaches, which are right up there at the top of my disgusting bugs that make me freak out list.

* Okay, the internets helpfully informs me that they were ceti eel larvae, not bugs. I don't care. 8-year-old me parsed them as bugs and bugs they shall remain.

The bits with Fauxlivia realising what's actually going on, and what that means for her relationship... yeah, I find it easier to like Fauxlivia when she's back in her own universe, not sleeping with Peter. And Walternate's grandfatherly excitement is creepy.
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Fauxlivia uses her vagina a lot to get out of uncomfortable coversations or silences.

Bug girl crushing on altCharlie amuses me to no end. I kind of wish they'd kept the character around for a few eps.

Walternate doesn't want to test on youngsters but shows his hand on taking blood samples later.
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Also, Fauxlivia walking into fringe division and acting like she has no idea about BBroyles just pisses me off to no end. You cannot convince me she didn't know.
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