Masters of Sex: Brave New World
July 11, 2014 10:54 PM - Season 1, Episode 6 - Subscribe

Libby and Bill travel to Miami for some much needed rest and relaxation, but he is drawn back into his work by a sexually adventurous couple next door. Alone in the hospital, Virginia enlists Jane in an effort to debunk Freud's theory that one kind of female orgasm is better than another. Langham and Margaret Scully see Peyton Place.
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Allison Janney is phenomenal. That interview scene with Masters & Johnson revealing how utterly sexless her marriage has been, and then that little breakdown in the elevator just broke my heart. So, her scenes with Langham were such a joy. She got her orgasm! And he got his boner back! I got all weepy the first time I saw it, and it still gets me.
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Thought this was a pretty good episode. It's certainly not building any warm-and-fuzzies for Bill on the part of the audience, though, ugh.
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Considering that the real William Masters stood by his bullshit claims of successful gay conversion therapy until his dying day, I'm glad that they're keeping Bill the character as egotistical as they have.

But I am sympathetic to the character after the reveals of episodes 4 & 5. 'Poor woobie' gets me most times. And there's just something captivating about how completely compartmentalized he is, and how it can play as comedic sometimes and totally frustrating at others.
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I was most interested in how Libby spent her time in Miami. Rare glimpse of her away from Bill.
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Libby really felt some relatively safe freedom in Miami. Very good for her.

And YES Allison/Margret! What a delightful chance encounter... my heart breaks for what Margret has been through, being an unknowing beard.
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