Masters of Sex: All Together Now
July 13, 2014 6:00 AM - Season 1, Episode 7 - Subscribe

Virginia and William ramp up their participation in the study. Libby bypasses William and pressures Ethan to resume the treatments. Austin and Margaret ramp up their tryst leading to differing expectations. Ethan decides to commit to Vivian.
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I love Jane. She's so cute & perky, and in lesser hands she'd be just a blonde airhead, but she has depth too. She's bubbly and adorable, but she's not dumb. Bill's silent capitulation to the demonstration of her secretarial skills cracked me up.

The Scullys continue to break my heart. They're like a case study of 'the patriarchy hurts everyone'.

Langham is such a shallow douchebag, I suppose I should dislike him on principle, but there's something so hapless puppy dog about him. He's not deliberately cruel, just self-centered.

As for Bill & Virginia's 'participation in the study' yowza, that last session was hot. Especially in comparison to the bad sex we've been shown (both in this episode and in the Libby & Bill scenes in previous episodes).

[And, just an FYI, I plan to continue to use my post-a-day to get the remaining S1 episodes up by Friday, so someone else will have to post the S2 premiere if you want it up tonight]
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I agree about Jane--she may be my favourite character. Ever since she read an excerpt from The Second Sex to Ethan and Austin, she's been getting better and better.

It's interesting that Bill & Virginia just shifted in this episode from him wanting more than she was interested in, to her wanting more. And is he playing hard to get? I suppose things will get pretty interesting if so, and if it continues to work.
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A lot of the characters are on more-or-less predictable trajectories at this point (especially given the historical record on some of them). But Ethan Haas seems more and more like a wild card. The guy is a ticking time bomb right now and I have no idea who's going to get caught in the explosion.
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