The Adventure Zone: Ep. 14. Murder on the Rockport Limited - Chapter Five
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The game is afoot! The game of murder-solving, I mean. The game of Dungeons & Dragons has been afoot for a while. Magnus finds unorthodox uses for furniture. Taako practices his interrogation techinques. Merle becomes a robot mom.
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Poor poor sweet Jenkins. Though, whenever somebody is killed and their identifying features are missing I'm always suspicious if it's actually them.

Supposedly everything needed to solve the murder mystery is now known, but I'm not sure I've paid enough attention to piece it together. Somebody pointed out that something like shutting off a portal while a person has their head stuck through would make a super clean cut.
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"It's almost impossible to get rid of crabs."
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Kudos to Griffin. I really have no clue who committed this murder.
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(murder spoilers?) On one of the other online Adventure Zone discussions, someone thought that it is probably pretty important that Jenkins is missing his hands. I'm wondering if it would be possible to open the vault with just the hands?
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More scuttle buddy fan art, please.

I'm wondering if it would be possible to open the vault with just the hands?

This seems like the logical thing. I suspect that Griffin was planning around them just heading back for the caboose. The rest of this has been gravy.
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