Adventure Time: Trouble in Lumpy Space   Rewatch 
May 11, 2015 4:39 AM - Season 1, Episode 2 - Subscribe

A bite from Lumpy Space Princess means that Jake will turn lumpy if Finn can't find the cure in time.

Oh my glob, you guys, it's the first appearance of Lumpy Space Princess.
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I do a pretty credible LSP imitation. For years now I've been delighting my daughter and irritating my wife by remarking at random, "I'd like to help you, but my parents are horrible idiots!"

I like that the entire culture of Lumpy Space appears to be rooted in John Hughes movies.
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Wow, I've been watching along but I just have so little to say about these first few episodes! I actually almost stopped watching the show the first time I saw it because I didn't get the first four episodes at all.

I just adore Pen's performance as LSP though. I really appreciate how he's somehow managing to not make fun of teenage girls with the character, and I'm still not sure how exactly he's walking the line that it works so well. I guess part of it is that there's a whole Lumpy Space people so the dialect isn't explicitly gendered on the show, but there's something about his performance in particular that really sets the tone and feels like kind of a loving tribute. In the wrong hands this episode could have come off as mean-spirited mockery of dumb valley girls, but they pull it off.

Other favorite bits from this episode:
- LSP saying "smooth posers"
- Hammakow!
- Finn's extra-adorable first-season voice (Jeremy Shada is so incredibly talented!)
- Lumpy Jake! Lumpy Finn!!
- And finally, I will always love it when they dance, and especially when their arms go all wobbly.
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One thing that is great about LSP is that they've added pathos and depth to her character as we see her more. Sometimes she is completely over the top (like at Tree Trunks' wedding), but their is an underlying sadness that shows in some of the other episodes.

Even in this episode, we find out that she just wants people to be her friend.
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