Grace and Frankie: The Funeral
May 17, 2015 6:40 PM - Season 1, Episode 4 - Subscribe

The core four attend the funeral of everyone's friend, Larry. Only with different dates than usual. Awkward!

Larry, the guy who gave Robert and Sol their jobs and did other nice things for the families like get Coyote into rehab, has died, thus forcing everyone to attend his funeral. Darn that wife of his (Sally) for her timing in turning off the respirator now, so that the guys have to start their coming out party now.

Grace looks fabulous, Frankie is wearing a "Free Willie" shirt until Grace makes her change (three times, all of her clothes reek of pot), and should the ladies wear their wedding rings or not? (nope!) Robert is bitching Sol out for wearing his comfy shoes. How shall the guys act in public? Just be yourself! Shall they call themselves boyfriends? Longtime companions? "Friend" can't be done without quote marks, soulmate annoys Robert even when straight people use it....

When the ladies arrive, the reception line is loooooong and they want to hide and the guys got in line first. Everything's so easy for them, isn't it? Grace says. Cut to Sol attempting to explain that they're "homosexual law and bed partners in life." "Boy, this partners thing is really confusing, isn't it?" "We're having nomenclature issues."

Larry gave both guys their job at the firm--maybe it's all Larry's fault.

Some guy wishes "you boys" a lot of luck, and asks Sol how he knew..."I had an experience when I was in Korea, my wife thinks it was just horseplay." Robert realizes he's never going to stop coming out. Ugh. Good thing Dad's dead. Robert's sister Lydia comes over to say hi to the ladies, and Grace takes off with her, leaving Frankie in line. Judy and Peter (don't ask me who they are) come over to say hi and condolences. Peter over-hugs. Peter doesn't recall what his wife told him about Sol--I thought you were joking! Why would anyone joke about that?

"Would you excuse me? I have to count the bulbs in the chandelier, it's a hobby of mine." -Frankie. This is not an excuse, she actually does it, btw. Sol approaches and calls that Peter scene a "perfect storm." She asks the priest to get two whiskey sours. Sol apologizes to Frankie, who remarks that her head has not exploded, so that's good. Now she's loving sleeping alone in a giant X. It means she's ok and is moving on. After getting her whiskey sours, she walks off.

Grace and Lydia are drinking outside. Lydia was in shock and didn't know what to say, Grace is all, I wouldn't have called me either. The two of them basically swear eternal love to each other despite this brother thing. Lydia says she had no idea. Grace slept with him maybe four times a year--it was seasonal. Lydia now wonders if her husband's gay. "Am I that self-involved?" Grace wonders. "No, he's that opaque," says Lydia. Frankie calls Grace---it's been over an hour and now they're closer to the front. She sees her drinking with Lydia. "Yes, Miss Marple, I've been tailing you all day from inside a plant." Just as Frankie's at the front, Sally takes a break. GRRRRR. Frankie is famous today, as the great-grandson notes. Can I have your autograph? Sure, go get a Sharpie.

"Hi. Do any of you bitches have some gum?" -Frankie to random women.

The guys get in to see Sally first. Sol offers to come over with a sandwich, or answer to the name of Robert if she likes.

Grace finds out from Lydia that she's no longer invited to the niece's baby shower--or at least it might be awkward if she shows up at this point. It's okay, she understands, it's a family thing.

Sol yaks on to Sally about how tears are the holiest of water. Robert tries to get them to leave. Sol plugs Lexapro. Robert drags Sol out and gives him shit for exhausting her. They have a loud fight. Robert declares Sol to be "too much," and he won't stop with the shoes. Robert doesn't want them worn with him, apparently. "You're just not doing anything right!" Ouch. Sol is all, "You're angry I'm not Grace." Robert does say "there was nothing like walking into a room with that woman." You miss her, Sol says. Robert is verklempt. "I'm sorry for your loss. I have my own, so I understand," Sol says. Robert sobs in a corner while Sol apologizes for being himself and being too loud and huggy and having mishegoss. "Isn't that what we want out of life?" They hug. D'awww. Please forgive me, Robert says.

Cut to Frankie and Sally. "I really dug your husband." "I really dug him too." Sally thinks Frankie's situation is much worse. I'll be dead soon, but you may live another 20 years! Grace says she's sorry, and drags Frankie out. Robert compliments Grace and she's so mad! You get to be happy now, don't you? Yes, Grace knows about the dinner with the kids. So what are you losing, exactly? I've lost my marriage, extended family, my family is broken up, and I just lost my best friend and all I get is stuck with Frankie--as Frankie walks in and walks out quickly. Grace goes after her. Frankie gets in a car with Sol as he pulls up. They stare at each other. Frankie says "oh god" and gets out. "I think this is for you," she says to Robert. Robert gets in the car. Let's go home, Grace says.
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Not sure about the framing of the pre-funeral conversation between Grace and Frankie in the studio -- set up to highlight the penis-adorned gourd next to Grace, without comment?

"Sweet muscular Jesus!"

The scene with Frankie getting into Sol's car and out again was the saddest thing I've seen so far (and I've just binge-watched four episodes).
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The comic timing on display here is just heartbreaking. The amount of emotion evoked with just a look or a glance is so powerful. The way Frankie aggressively insists that she's doing Fine & Dandy but yet is so distraught when she leaves that she falls into default behaviour getting into the car with her husband.

I love this show.
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The gum bit was nice but I'm dying for more of Lily Tomlin with a sharp tongue.
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