Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Johnny and Dora
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Jake and Amy's ambiguously-flirty work relationship is tested when they pose as an engaged couple to nab a suspect. Back at the precinct, Holt enlists Terry and Gina to procure an embarrassing letter from Records in order to blackmail Wuntch (guest star/season final-boss Kyra Sedgwick). Meanwhile, Boyle has to drag Diaz to her non-surprise surprise birthday party. It all means big changes for the Nine Nine...





Although I literally can't imagine this show without Holt as Captain, speculation about the identity of the precinct's new captain (however short-lived their tenure proves) should be a fun game for fans over the next few months. I'm gonna put my chips on Goor/Schur alumnus (and voice of Fremulon) Nick Offerman, just to imagine him interacting -- even for a brief moment -- with the Nine-Nine regulars.
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Much like Jake, I was not prepared for Captain Holt to get emotional.
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meep meep zorp AWWWWWWWWWW.

Also aww: Rosa's birthday, I don't even care if they ripped it off what they did on Parks and Rec.
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I am having too many feelings. That Gina is going with Holt means that hopefully we get to see her tearing shit up in Public Relations. She's probably my favorite character in this ensemble so I'll be upset if she's off-screen next season, unless they give her some kind of rise-to-prominence-in-PR plot to write her out as Queen of PR so I can pretend she's pulling wacky strings in the background.

Jake and Amy's whole thing was pleasantly non-cringe-worthy because it wasn't being treated like a tease at all - and thank god, their arboreal makeouts didn't cause them to miss an important arrest. I don't know if my interest would have been sustained for another season if they kept on with the "oh but it makes us bad at our jobs!" contrived conflict. Instead they deftly allowed the emotional punch of the season to be all about Holt. That they also made a metaphor between Holt and an ancient vending machine says something... uh... profound? about the show as a whole.

Wuntch feeling up Velvet Thunder was pretty great, too.

I'd say this would be a good point to make new people watch this show. The symmetry between the beginning of season 1 and the end of season 2 is nice, and Holt's steady transformation into an actual person with feelings in addition to being a brilliant gag gives me hope that further seasons will be great, but also leaves me with enough satisfaction not to be pissed about there not being more of it, yet.
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I hadn't made the connection between the vending machine and Holt. As somebody with an aversion to dealing with the rigamarole and expense of grabbing lunch near my office, I related hard to Jake's comment about the machine being the "best restaurant in Brooklyn."
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Jake gets so emotional about his favorite robots.
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Nick Offerman was the first person I thought of when I started pondering the ideas for temporary Holt replacements. He'd do a fine job as a person doing a terrible job.
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I just wanted Lorelai to be happy too, Rosa. I think everybody did.
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It's been renewed for s3, right? Or do i have to go chain myself to an office building somewhere and scream
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It was one of the first wave of Fox renewals this year, announced in January. So that's nice.
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I'm especially enthusiastic about B99 now because it's pretty much the only network sitcom I watch that hasn't either been cancelled or exiled to streaming. Now that NBC's Thursday night sitcom bloc is now a vast wasteland of procedurals and talent shows, I think it's great that the B99 team are keeping that alt-comedy spark alive over at Fox.
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I totally cried when Holt left. That was such a gut punch, and so masterfully performed.
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I know this is John Hamm's year but can Andre Braugher at least get an Emmy nomination for his dramatic performance?
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I have to admit I'm really enjoying the Jake/Amy stuff, and think it has the potential to keep going well. I'm rooting for that extremely awkward couple (except that last kiss was very not awkward - and their faces- which makes it even better).

I may have laughed harder at this than almost anything this TV season, and I am usually stoic-Holt-faced when I watch things while internally enjoying them:
Amy: NYPD, freeze! We are police colleagues!
Jake: You're under arrest! This is a work event!


Holt saying "Who wouldn't want to see a man fight a crocodile" was also excellent. I love how he let his voice warm in his last speech. Again, all of the ending stuff was so great because of the contrasts.

Really enjoyed Rosa's Gilmore Girls confession. There's a show with characters whose problems mostly stem from poor communication, and on one hand she's extraordinarily direct, but we also know she has a really difficult time communicating (see Charles helping her text).

Props for the "bonemarrowcustard" tag. I mean, I've never had a bad one. Through a straw.
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Speaking of Jon Hamm, he's done some guest bits on Parks and would also make a great not-entirely-competent guy to take over the chief spot temporarily.

I teared up when Holt made robot noises.
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I too was surprised by the non-cringe I had at Santiago + Peralta!

As for the new captain... Nick Offerman sure, but I'd pay multiple dollars to see Jane Lynch as a he complete opposite of Holt's captaining style.
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