Defiance: Beasts of Burden
July 14, 2014 2:25 PM - Season 2, Episode 4 - Subscribe

Datak returns to Defiance intent on reassuming his position in the criminal underbelly of the boomtown and with a mind to repay the insults to his honor while incarcerated. The Mayor and Berlin on a convoy transporting "mining equipment" are attacked in the wild borderlands and Nolan is ordered to uncover who is responsible. The clues, however, point to suspects uncomfortably close to home. Creepy Tommy continues to be Creepy Tommy.
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I liked this episode, and think the show is getting a little better. It's getting twistier, that's for sure. So far in this season they haven't been afraid to show us some other locations and cities, so the show feels a little more expanded this season.

I thought that new earth rep mayor secretly enjoyed his humiliation at the beginning. I like that Tommy/Berlin thing, and I think Irisa has a lot more on her mind than an old boyfriend. If this was like, a CW show they'd crank up the teen romance. But this show is going for something more and I hope it gets a few years in because it's really turning out to be ambitious. I'd be very disappointed if they kill off Berlin, because she's clearly got a mind of her own in all of this. Heck, they really can't kill off any of the main cast this season because they've set up so much that just throwing new things at them all is too fun to watch. Even creepy Tommy is a much better character this season.

Datak's no Al Swearingen (from Deadwood), but the actor playing him really chews up whatever they throw at him. Yeah he's an evil jerk, but you know he's going to come out on top in the end. I guess they had to get him back on the task that got him sprung from prison. I'd love it if his wife ends up owning the brothel and shagging the ex-mayor. It'll be great to see that minor father in law have to move in (and bathe) with the castillions next episode.
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I kind of hate the character of Datak, but the actor does such an incredible job playing him that as much as I groan when he steps into the frame, I also look forward to seeing what happens next.

In regard to what happened in this episode, the conclusion was an great reversal on the conclusion of the last episode. It's a beautiful perspective on how organized crime hierarchies work, you're only in power so long as everyone respects or fears your position there, regardless of what custom and tradition merit. Strangely, I just want to see Alac and his wife settle down in a nice house while his record business prospers. If they did that, I'd be content with the show.

I'm also glad Berlin is still hanging around. The Mayor humiliation that the first time someone has been peed on in primetime tv? I also wondered how truthful his "past" story to Amanda was, which was kind of hideous.

In whole, the world of Defiance is feeling much more like a world, rather than just a single setting.
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