Supernatural: The Prisoner
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Sam and Dean say good-bye to another member of their "family" with a hunter's funeral. Dean hunts down the Stynes to get revenge. When Sam realizes he has new information, he continues to work on trying to find a cure to the Mark of Cain through the Book of the Damned. Rowena renegotiates the terms of her deal with Sam.
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The Stynes were surprisingly short-lived characters, but perhaps we will see them again. I did like how they used the teenage Styne as a representation of Sam. Is it a precursor for Dean following in Cain's footsteps?

It was fun to see Crowley act all evil again. I almost believed he was going to kill Sam. I might have believed it if it wouldn't have interfered with the Mark of Cain storyline (if Sam dies, it has to be caused by Dean).

Sam seems to be underestimating Rowena, while Rowena is underestimating her son.

The fight between Castiel and Dean reminded me of the heartbreaking brawl between Sam and Dean in season 4. Dean must be getting really powerful.

Very excited about the season finale.
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I was thinking Castiel got his ass kicked awful easy, and it seemed like he bled a lot. (Do angels bleed? Is that a thing we've seen before?) But then my girlfriend reminded me that Cas isn't back up to full power yet, if he ever will be, and when he got his grace back the shadow of his wings was all raggedy and missing feathers. So there's that, and maybe he was holding back a whole lot. I can see him being more ready to take abuse than to smack Dean around.

I was talking with the GF the other day, trying to figure out how this season will wrap up, and we had no idea. We had a suspicion Rowena dies, but maybe not. It seems like somebody's gonna die, and she'd be the only one they could kill off without radically changing the show. (Although they killed off Bobby, so maybe characters like Castiel or Crowley aren't really safe either.) It would seem logical for Dean to go full demon, but that's awful close to the LAST cliffhanger.

At least we know Death comes back. Yay for Death!
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There was a lot to like in this episode but I just can't get over the fact that they fucking fridged Charlie. If nothing else Charlie of all people deserved a better send-off. Not as a passive victim. Ugh. I mean it's not altogether surprising, this being the show that it is, but still...
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I was an off and on again fan of Charlie. Sometimes I liked her character, sometimes it felt as if the writers were just waving a sign, "Look, it's Felicia Day!" I thought the farther we got away from her original appearance the more developed Charlie became as a character. That the writers went and killed her in a fairly unnecessary manner, ticked me off to no end. I get that there's this whole phenomenon of people who get close to the brothers meeting terrible ends, which they even raised in the season finale, but C'MON. They are aware of the running sadjoke that is the death is coming for any female character on the show, aren't they? It's a miracle they haven't killed off Sheriff Mills and I think that rests entirely on the premise that she hasn't appeared enough on the show.

I'm just completely disappointed by the killing off of Charlie. That burned up a lot of good will on my side.
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So I am a Netflix watcher hence I am just getting to this episode. The main thing that annoyed me about this episode was Cas saying "the Dean I know wouldn't have killed that kid." And I call bull shit on that. Dean has like, no shades of grey when it comes to monsters v humans. The codes the ever got was dealing with Crowley - and even then he was basically a demon at that point. Jewel Staite was a kindly monster, and so was her kid - and they both had to go. Maybe Benny got a pass - but even Sam was questioning that decision. The Dean we know and love is not a nuance kind of guy and would absolutely kill the Styne kid just to be thorough.

Also - if Rowena's spells don't impact Crowley like they should - why did all of her hex bags work giving him nightmares and planting seeds of doubt when he was in hell?
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Good points. One must wonder if the effort to "de-monsterize" monsters was to help give acceptance to the whole Bloodlines or whatever it was called spinoff that spectacularly failed to take off that was set in Chicago.
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That spinoff was such a botch job. It seemed pretty obvious that it was a totally unrelated script that somebody figured they could just plug into the Supernatural universe for a spinoff. But why the hell would you do that? Supernatural has a decade of lore and characters and settings to play around with! The monsters in the spinoff didn't even seem to work the same way as the monsters in Supernatural, the rules for shapeshifters and stuff seemed different. So, so odd.

Maybe I'm just bitter that we're probably never going to get a spinoff with the two lady sheriffs, or the Ghost Facers. The two lady sheriffs in particular really felt like a spinoff waiting to happen... and while it probably wouldn't play with the CW's teen-ish demographics, if they moved it to CBS a horror dramedy about an odd couple of middle-age policewomen who secretly slay demons might just be a hit!
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"... a spinoff with the two lady sheriffs..."

My dream spinoff is the two lady sheriffs with Mrs. Tran running logistical support.
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And once every other season or so, the Ghost Facers could come through town and they'd all team up. And I forgot all about the brunette sheriff's adopted, recovering vampire daughter, who's sure to be a handful too! How is this not a show??
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