Veep: Storms and Pancakes
May 19, 2015 11:30 AM - Season 4, Episode 6 - Subscribe

Selina is worried when Tom James, her running mate, unknowingly takes her spotlight on the campaign trail; Amy, still bitter from her experience with Selina, gets a job working with Dan.
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I thought this was a much weaker episode than usual, but maybe that's just because the episode before was so good? I've lost interested in whatever's going on with Dan, here's hoping Amy will make that thread viable again (her excited little nod when asked if she wanted Dan's parking spot was the best part of the episode).
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I noticed that Selina came across as pretty dumb, which--for all her foibles--has not previously been part of her character. And the dismantling of the team, starting with Dan and Amy both off in Lobbyland, has me thinking they're aiming for a hard end with this season: regardless of whether Meyer wins the election, everyone will be gone and the veepstory is over.
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Well that just filled me with sadness. I hope you're wrong. Just because I still adore the show.

I was wondering if somehow Tom James ends up at the head of the ticket. I'm not sure how, but it would be appropriate for her to end up Veep again.

And Selina is not stupid, but she is vane and makes stupid decisions when someone upstages her. I think that's perfectly in character.
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I just finished getting all caught up on this season. I can definitely see Meyers ending up as the Veep again. I think it would fit with the nature of the show. Also, I'm always struck by the lighting in the lobbyist offices. It's very strange, I find.
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