Mad Max/George Miller movie club?
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Any interest in posts on the first three Mad Max films in the wake of Fury Road? Or, more broadly, all the varied films of George Miller?
posted by ocherdraco (16 comments total)
I'd participate. I've only seen Road Warrior and Fury Road so would be a nice excuse to see the rest of the Mad Max films, and anything else of Miller's which looks interesting.
posted by honestcoyote at 8:50 AM on May 20, 2015

I'm down. Especially for Babe: Pig in the City!
posted by brundlefly at 9:11 AM on May 20, 2015 [4 favorites]

Maybe once a week then?
posted by ocherdraco at 10:13 AM on May 20, 2015

Also: I'd assume we'd talk about the film in the context of the others. So, in the thread for Mad Max, I imagine there will be a lot of compare and contrast with Road Warrior, Beyond Thunderdome, and Fury Road, and, to a lesser extent, with his other movies, too. Does that sound good?
posted by ocherdraco at 3:22 PM on May 20, 2015 [3 favorites]

Hell to the yes!
posted by Gin and Broadband at 3:52 PM on May 20, 2015

Okay. I'll post the first thread within the next few days.
posted by ocherdraco at 3:39 PM on May 21, 2015

We now have a club page! Thanks to cortex, pb, et al rolling out new FanFare features.
posted by ocherdraco at 11:51 AM on May 22, 2015 [2 favorites]

I've added a list of events to the club page. Three questions:
1) Do we want to try to get our hands on a copy of 40,000 Years of Dreaming, Miller's documentary about film? It seems not to be easily available for streaming.

2) Do we want a separate new thread for Fury Road once we've finished the other films?

3) Is chronological order the preferred viewing order?
posted by ocherdraco at 3:36 PM on May 22, 2015

No Twilight Zone?
posted by Artw at 6:08 PM on May 22, 2015

Also both Babe Films were his. I guess he's good with pigs - see also Thunderdome.
posted by Artw at 6:14 PM on May 22, 2015

He didn't direct the first Babe, though he was involved. I'm just going by the list of his director credits on IMDb.
posted by ocherdraco at 6:18 PM on May 22, 2015

Huh. Writer only. I stand corrected.
posted by Artw at 6:20 PM on May 22, 2015

First film posted! Mad Max (1979)
posted by ocherdraco at 5:30 PM on May 24, 2015 [1 favorite]

Hey y'all. I was traveling this weekend and didn't have Internet access, so the next film hasn't been posted. Apologies. I'll post as soon as I can.
posted by ocherdraco at 8:30 AM on June 15, 2015


Nah, it's cool, you can still ride eternal.
posted by Artw at 8:33 AM on June 15, 2015 [1 favorite]

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