Mad Max/George Miller movie club

We are going to watch the films of George Miller, with an emphasis on the Mad Max movies. Original FanFare Talk discussion here.

Posts for this club should be tagged: madmaxgeorgemiller_club.

June 6

Movie: Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome

A former Australian policeman is rescued by a tribe of children when he is banished from a desert town and sent into the desert to die by the desert town's evil queen. [more inside]
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May 31

Movie: Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior

In the post-apocalyptic Australian wasteland, a cynical drifter agrees to help a small, gasoline rich, community escape a band of bandits. (This is the second film for the Mad Max/George Miller Film Club here in FanFare. NOTE: There will be spoilers in this thread for ALL the Mad Max movies, including Fury Road.) [more inside]
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May 24

Movie: Mad Max

A vengeful Australian policeman sets out to avenge his partner, his wife and his son. (This is the first film for the Mad Max/George Miller Film Club here in FanFare.) [more inside]
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May 19

Mad Max/George Miller movie club?

Any interest in posts on the first three Mad Max films in the wake of Fury Road? Or, more broadly, all the varied films of George Miller?
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