Adventure Time: The Jiggler
May 25, 2015 5:29 AM - Season 1, Episode 6 - Subscribe

Finn and Jake decide to take care of a baby creature they call "Jiggler."
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An in-world explanation for auto-tuning...excellent!

AT is such an odd show, that the occasional little moments that seem familiar from widely shared experiences of childhood stand out clearly. "Mamas are supposed to take CARE of their babies!" seems to echo the confusion of every kid who ever found a fledgling lying on the ground, and was instructed not to touch it for fear of the mother rejecting it. It also probably reveals something about Finn's unconscious abandonment issues.
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This episode really freaked me out.
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Why's that? Was it the part with the mother?
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All the spewing, and how distressed the creature seemed, I just found it really disturbing.
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I think it's supposed to be disturbing when Jiggler starts leaking and melting. Jiggler is every foundling baby bird a kid tried to raise in their room, every starving kitten found under an abandoned house. Finn keeps trying to be kind to this poor little monster, but everything he does just makes things worse. It's about desperately wanting to care for something but simply not being equipped for it, and ultimately having to let it go. Sometimes you can literally love something to death, and they come perilously close to it here.
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The score for this episode is wonderful. Suitably alien and close to the sounds that the Jiggler and its mother make but then the thumping desperation as the episode reaches its climax sells Finn's emotions. And then there's the wonderful warm glow once it works out. A lovely bit of music.

Finn's anger as he shouts at the mother about caring for her baby feels so earnest. When I first saw this I took it as coming from his lack of (human) parents but then from what we see later it looks like Joshua and Margaret were pretty great parents, more or less.
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All the spewing, and how distressed the creature seemed, I just found it really disturbing.

I like to think of this episode as "My First Eraserhead".
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I've been assured by more than one person that I never need to see Eraserhead.

Finn was clearly very messed up by being abandoned - see also the time he almost lost his arm, his fear of the ocean. I remember from "Dads Dungeon" it seemed like Joshua did see Finn as weaker than Jermaine and Jake and Finn knew it.
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