Wayward Pines: Our Town, Our Law
May 30, 2015 8:55 PM - Season 1, Episode 3 - Subscribe

Ethan Burke realizes that Wayward Pines is not just strange, but downright dangerous after seeing Sheriff Pines kills Beverly Brown in front of the entire town. Undeterred, Ethan continues to try to get some answers and find a way to escape. Meanwhile Ethan's wife Theresa and son Ben are in Idaho looking for Ethan.
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I have enjoyed how Wayward Pines leaves us with a surprise at the end of each episode. This one was the most frightening so far, with the creatures that live beyond the fence. Though Matt Dillon drives me a bit crazy, not sure if the show intends it or not, I am really enjoying Wayward Pines.
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Nurse Pam is fantastically creepy and funny.
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Some big holes in it, but still very enjoyable. Didn't expect Sheriff Pope to bow out so soon.
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I'm not saying its aliens, but its aliens.
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I...don't understand why they called off the search for Ethan. Maybe someone can explain this to me?

I really liked the first episode but felt very meh about the following two. I don't know if I'll make it to the end. Despite everything that's happening, I don't feel like anything is at stake. Not sure what the problem is.
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I wonder if Wayward Pines is actually some sort of government Philadelphia Experiment of some sort. They sent Burke there, and since he was getting restless, made sure his wife got close enough to be dragged into it.
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I was happy to see the addition of Andy Botwin/Prior Walter. It's creepy that they're living in Beverly's house.

The series feels like the book delivered via a cocktail shaker.

The ping and sizzle of the things beyond the fence was satisfying.
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I am really loving Melissa Leo as Pam. The character is changed a bit from the books, but in ways I certainly wouldn't have expected for a television adaptation, and I am really excited to see how things play out with her.
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You want werewolves?
Because that's how you get werewolves, Ethan.
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These are books?
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Yes! Pine, Wayward, and The Last Town (in that order) by Blake Crouch.

The series so far brings us pretty much to the squish between the first and second book.
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Aw man, I really like Juliette Lewis, and was spouting with total confidence to my husband that, "no, surely she's not really dead; it was just a bit of theater to twist up Ethan's head even more, and she'll be back... why have Juliette Lewis for only two episodes?" But then he actually found her body, and I was sad and wrong. Apparently.

So, hm. Now I'm wondering if Siobhan Fallon (sheriff's laconic secretary) is going to be an unexpected source of help. I'm thinking of her look of horror at Beverly's execution, and the still shown here. While I don't remember this exact scene, her look of utter distrust certainly does not seem directed toward Ethan.
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Oh, also, a) feeling kind of relieved we don't have to endure any more ice cream scenes with sheriff Pope, and b) I have a guess about the next thing, but don't want to spoil in case I'm right (though it's probably obvious).

Mouseover here to see.
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I don't feel like anything is at stake.

I think this is the fault of Matt Dillon being the boringest boring person. There's something about him, not just in this but in everything I've seen him in, that just stomps out any budding empathy you might try to feel.
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This ep felt a little less Rich With Incident than the previous two, and it's almost unforgivable to do "wife stalks petulantly out of strange town on foot based on incomplete secondhand information without even stopping to yell at Protagonist." But I must admit I'm pretty surprised to see his family there at all. What is going ON? (Are they clones of their past dead selves in the far post-apocalypse future, cause I'm kind of getting a vibe)
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