This American Life: #558: Game Face
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Blair Braverman was a dog musher on an Alaskan glacier. One day the weather turned rough, and she and a pack of tourists were stuck. The worst part? They had to pretend like nothing was wrong. This and other stories of people facing very difficult situations who put their game face on and muscle through. And, we hear from people whose faces betray them and prominently display all their anxiety.
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The Alaska job, oh my god. I have to put on Game Face at my work big time and hers just made mine look like a total picnic. The standards they had for perfect service behavior at that job were ridiculous--especially in Alaska of all places! Where the weather is always good?!?! REALLY?
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I loved this episode. I feel like all of the stories were hits on this one. Maybe add some blushing tags, just in case someone is looking for info about blushing or the surgery?
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