Grace and Frankie: The Sex
June 7, 2015 9:45 AM - Season 1, Episode 8 - Subscribe

It's time for Grace to get down on this show. How does it go? (Remember: if they mention this in the title, the show has already spoiled it for you.) In other news, Frankie wonders if she has a love interest of her own, Sol is scared of Brianna, and Coyote's looking for someone.

Bud is doing some gardening at the beach house--Frankie makes fun of him using a Southern accent when he asks for a rototiller. Grace wanders in from the beach and cleans her sandy feet on the counter, which Frankie the hippie objects to, surprisingly. Anyway, Grace hints that Frankie and Bud should have a mother-son night and get out of the house, but Frankie plans on rehearsing with her "two man throat singing group" (which consists of women?!) tonight. Uh, no, you're not, Grace wants the house tonight for dinner and sex with Guy! Outside, Bud really, really doesn't want to hear this conversation. Frankie asks Grace if she's worried about vaginal dryness and Grace is all, "Well, I am now," and "You're just going to keep talking about my vagina, aren't you?" OH YES SHE IS. Because Frankie makes her own lube out of yams, "Vadgecadabra." Grace is all, "I've been putting that on my toast," and Frankie is all, that's ok too. Her yam man, Jacob, shall be coming over. Frankie also makes dildos, just so you know.

Jacob the Yam Man creates his yams wth "passion, and some really high quality cow shit." Frankie blabs that her roommate needs lube, and Grace walks in and is all "It's for my car!" (Jacob surprisingly buys this?) As they nitpick tubers, Grace says she feels like an idiot.
Later when Frankie can't figure out how On Demand works (I hear ya, I've broken that shit so many times at other people's houses), Grace tells her to call "Mr. Potatohead" for help. Naw, we're just friends. Grace doesn't think men and women can be just friends and says he was flirting with her, but Frankie doesn't buy it. Then she reconsiders.

Guy comes over. Speaking of a life of danger, he says he was more scared trying to get out of the Trader Joe's parking lot than when he was trapped in the Congo. Wanna have sex? Oh yeah! Grace puts on a lovely gown and poses in the bedroom by herself first. She turns off the lights before he comes in, but Guy has a little night blindness. She flips them on for ONE SECOND and tells him to plan his route. Of course he trips and gets whacked in the balls on the way into the bed.

So how'd it go last night, Frankie asks, detecting Grace's "vague aura of shame." How were his night moves? She wants details. Grace claims "he's no slouch in the boudoir," but we're shown clips of her saying "Are you doing anything?", getting her nipple pinched painfully, and otherwise saying "ow" a lot. She eventually grades it as a B-, and no, she didn't have an orgasm.

Jonah comes over and says Frankie has a great laugh. Want some mate? She goes into the kitchen to discuss things with Grace. Guy has just called. "Well, Guy and I made plans for him to have another orgasm tonight," Grace drawls. "Well, just tell him about your clitoris and it'll all be fine," Frankie responds. (Oh yeah, and at one point in the show she not only wanted to talk to Grace about the clit, she wanted to show it to her personally. Oy.) This somehow leads into Grace telling Frankie how to flirt since she doesn't know how. Display open body language, ask him questions about dirt, laugh, and tilt your head like your retriever Mahatma used to do!
Frankie goes back in and tries this (totally imitating Grace) before she's all, "What the fuck am I doing?" Jonan is all, "I thought you were having a stroke." Jonah has a better idea: let's smoke up. He creates his own. So how's that lube coming along? Anyway, as he gets up to leave, he does say he was flirting.

Round Two with Guy: this time, he brought a flashlight! Yes, Grace, it might help to avoid the pain if he can find the right territory. Grace distracts him with Frankie's record collection, puts some music on, and asks him to dance. She'll lead. (Nice green screen view out there.) She directs his hand to her butt. "You're doing great." "You make it easy." They kiss.

Over at Bud's apartment, Bud is bitching about "Loretta's service ferret is in the hall again. I hate his little vest!" (Ferrets are illegal in California, so I am sooooo wondering how this came about.) Coyote is monkeying with a drawer in a suspicious manner. Bud makes him take out the trash on his way to marching band practice (marching band practice?!) and after he leaves, starts rummaging through that drawer looking for drugs or whatever. Coyote comes back in and is pissed, to the point of physically grabbing the drawer and leaving with it.

Later as Coyote's sleeping on the couch, Bud confronts him about the drawer, asking if he's using. coyote throws a ball into Bud's balls. No, he's not. Then what's going on? Coyote's looking for his birth mother. (So for those of you wondering if Coyote is also adopted, that's a yes.) They keep throwing balls at each other.
Bud wonders why Coyote wants to look for their mother now--won't their actual mother not be able to take it right now? Coyote just wants to know where he comes from, doesn't Bud get that? Uh, yes, the adopted African-American Sephardic Jew does wonder. But he doesn't want to know if his mother was a crack whore or just didn't want him. Coyote says he's more likely to have a crack whore mother. Bud doesn't get why Coyote wants to do it, but gets that he feels like he has to. coyote trots out a Southern accent himself in response and Bud is all, that could actually BE your mother.

In other news, Sol needs an office at Robert's house. Why not Brianna's old room? Well, Sol is scared of her. The three of them start cleaning out Brianna's childhood bedroom, and neither Brianna or Robert believes in a "keeper pile," which shocks the sentimental Sal. He wonders why she doesn't want to save her high school yearbook (he still reads his!) and after he reads someone's "see you NEVER" comment, well, then he can get why. You also get why he annoys her. She demands that he get her a sandwich and after Sol leaves, she's all "I scare him, don't I?" "He's terrified of you." "That makes me happy.
The only thing Brianna does want to save is her stuffed mammoth toy, which isn't in its shoebox under her bed. Turns out Robert saved it after she went to college. Sol thinks this is sweet and muses, "You don't get this with boys."
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The plots for the kids felt thrown in in this one, but I still like all of them better than the ones in "Transparent." The boys did seem to be having fun.
Lotta balls being hit in this episode. Also, poor Grace. He does need lights in there.
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Clitoris! Clitoris!

This episode was much preferable to Spelling Bee. I did love the post-sex breakdown between Grace and Frankie.
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I love this show. Initially I did not like the older daughter, but she is hilarious. I do have to admit I found the kissing scenes a tiny bit overlong and uncomfortable. Er, except that one with the ex-con. Maybe I was supposed to feel a bit uncomfortable like they were.

That much said, the business with the dancing was very nicely done.
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