Grace and Frankie: The Secrets
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Guy sleep-eats while on Ambien. Grace makes out with that convict again. Grace tells Frankie about it and Frankie promptly tells Sol, who promptly tells Robert, and that leads to Sol figuring out that Robert has a secret...

Guy is at the house every single day/night and it's annoying Frankie, especially when he raids her food that she's preparing for her students. He's sleep-eating while on Ambien, plus he orders shoes online. "I got these on Ambien. Four times." He offers to get her another cantaloupe and some veggie quiches.

Frankie grumbles after he's gone that he's got grazing hours and is interfering with her walking around naked. Grace only has one speed, "breakneck." Frankie wonders if it's a rebound. Grace is all, what's wrong with him? The Ambien eating. And the friend eating. "We do know a bit about the darker side of guy." But she's lucky to have someone because usually they date younger women. He owes Frankie $900 in cheese, though.

Sol and Frankie are tasting appetizers for the wedding. Comparison taste testing. Sol thinks they are cheating on Diane (their previously appointed caterer, apparently) with Jeff and Peter, who are bringing in new appetizers.

Byron the convict strolls in on Grace! She tells him she has a boyfriend now. Byron is happy for her and he's leaving and keeping a low profile and won't be reachable...he's going south of San Diego...uh, Mexico? They make out again. Frankie walks in and sees this and tries to hide behind a clown painting she's carrying. After Byron leaves, Frankie flips out. Have you gone after other students? "It was just a goodbye kiss." When was hello? It never occurred to Grace to tell Frankie that Are we friends like that now? I don't know, but let's make some tea, and Frankie will have Grace tell her everything. Frankie is honored since Grace has told no one. She tells Frankie the story. "I would not want to sexualize a student. But you're welcome to. Go ahead."

Sol and Frankie are on the phone. Sol is drooling over the food. Frankie tells Sol major stuff is happening-Grace kissed a convict!The grand theft auto one, not the murderer. Isn't she still dating Guy? Yes. "it's the Best Little Whorehouse in Texas over here." Sol squeals to Robert immediately. Robert says good for her and Sol is all, what about Guy? She just kisses anyone who wanders in! Robert says they shouldn't judge and Sol is all, we never kissed anyone but each other... UH-OH, WAIT, DID YOU?!

Brianna is at the movies, texting Barry to get the last box of Milk Duds at all costs. Bud and Coyote (and Coyote's Milk Duds) sit right behind her and get all excited. "What's this one's problem?" Bud says. The last one was Racist Dave-"I loved Racist Dave!" says Bud, "and the feeling was mutual!" said Coyote. Then there was Ambiguous Andrew, Micropenis Paul.... Barry comes back with the last box. Do we know them?" he says about the guys. "I'm afraid that we do," Brianna says.
Bud introduces himself with his full name. "Wabuduke." (I guess he wasn't just named Bud after some kind of herbal life.) They're the future stepbrothers. "I'm not damaged. By that."

At the taste testing, Sol obsesses that Robert kissed someone else.

Bud and Coyote interrogate Barry, looking for problems. You think you're better than me, Coyote says? Barry corrects Coyote's grammar and says he's a little taller and has better grammar. So, yes, a little bit. He's also from Des Moines. "I have no opinions on Des Moines," says Bud. The boys are happy to find out the problem, that he works for Brianna. Barry says he's crazy about her, do you have any problems with that? Brianna doesn't. "Tall Pants McGrammar Glasses put us in our place, didn't he?" Bud says, finishing with "Pleasure meeting you, Inevitable Lawsuit Barry!" The boys leave.

Twelve years ago, Robert did "more than a kiss" "when we were broken up!" Sol flips out. When was I supposed to tell you? I don't know! Sol can't eat now! Grace calls Robert looking for a suitcase. What's going on? "There's a shitstorm going on over here, all because you kissed a convict!" Robert hangs up, not explaining beyond who told him. Grace yells at Frankie for blabbing. She says she has poor impulse control. You violated me! I'm sorry. "And for half a minute I thought you were my friend." I am your friend, your friend with a big mouth. That counts you out, Grace snaps. I only told sol, he's like my sister. He's the worst person you can tell! He told Robert. He should know we do things here too! Frankie says secrets give you fibroids (so we should totally check the guys for that, then?). It's not like I told Guy you kissed ex-convicts at 4 in the afternoon.... yeah, Guy walked in on that. Should have made him wear a bell!

Sol wants to know who it was. We know five gay people in the world and.... Not Peter! No, it was Jeff. (Michael Gross from Family Ties, incidentally.)

Guy has brought food, incidentally. Grace says that the ex-convict kissed me! Frankie tries to defend Grace. Guy bails on their date. You happy now? No, Frankie isn't.

Sol kicks Jeff out of the house. It was one night and we weren't compatible! Jeff says, "If you can't shed the conventions of hetero life, what's the fun?" Sol didn't want to shed the conventions! Jeff and Peter don't seem to mind. They leave the house.

The movie was "Shanghai Whoops." Barry and Brianna stroll out, romantically. Then the boys start throwing Milk Duds at them. Brianna takes off her shoes and runs after them, leaving Barry behind with the shoes.

Guy strolls back in. Why is this bothering him? He doesn't want anyone else kissing her. He's obsessed with her and thinks about her all the time. She doesn't seem to return the feelings. He's falling in love with her. She hugs him.

Sol drinks coffee in the kitchen alone. Robert walks in. "You know what they say about drinking alone?" "There's twice as much to drink?" Robert raids the food in the fridge. Sol muses on the "What's the point of being gay" remark. Have we fought to get out of one box only to end up in another? We just have to figure out how to be a couple. So we're fine and you're not sleeping with Jeff again. Right. I'd wait another 20 for you if I had to! There is no one else for me! Robert feeds Sol. "We're going to hire those idiots, aren't we? I'll call Diane."

Grace reads "Lit." Frankie joins her. "I know you're on a vocal fast from me and I wholeheartedly accept that." Frankie apologizes and wants to make it up to her--I will tell you one of my most embarrassing secrets. Frankie hands Grace a sex tape from the 80's of her and Sol, do whatever you want with it. "Can I burn it?" "Please do. Watching yourself have sex is so much better in your mind than on film." What possessed you to do that? We'd had a crazy night, we still had our gladiator costumes on...They were having a "say yes" night (more on this later), but there's one thing Frankie won't do. Grace wants to watch it with Frankie. "How about I give you another secret and fifty bucks and we don't watch the tape?" "I once made out with a monkey." She meant one of the Monkees, Mickey Dolenz.
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Oh, god, that movie theater scene. "Inevitable Lawsuit Barry" was the perfect button.

I alluded in an earlier thread to worrying about how much Grace and Frankie we were getting in Grace & Frankie, and this episode really kicks off spending too much time on Sol and Robert.
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The movie scenes were adorable. So funny. When Coyote showed up with Milk Duds, I thought it was a hint he was the one Barry would end up fighting in the food line.

I think it is a four person ensemble show, not a two person one really. I heard somewhere they were all paid the same. But we don't really do Grace and Frankie and Robert and Sol-type titles these days.

Byron continues to be amazing. Amazingly crooked, but amazing. I wish we could root for those two as a twisted romance, somehow. He is a two scene wonder.

This is another episode I look on retrospectively after finishing the series.
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