Orange Is the New Black: Bed Bugs and Beyond
June 12, 2015 5:18 PM - Season 3, Episode 2 - Subscribe

Tempers flare when bed bugs invade, as Alex cracks, Red lashes out at Piper, Aleida interferes with Daya and Bennett, and Caputo gets bad news.
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I'm glad that Piper tells Alex in this episode because I thought that they were going to drag that out all season, and ir felt like I was going through watching Breaking Bad again.
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"And like I'm not an expert at muffins."

Taystee, you and I are the same
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Would they really let them walk around in their underwear like that?
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Whether or not it was realistic, I thought it was very refreshing the way we saw so many different types of bodies in this episode - this is one of the few shows on television that portrays a variety of women of different sizes and ages, who are not all supposed to be conventionally pretty (and in fact, are often shown looking their worst because prison robs them of access to the tools of feminine performance like hair products). It was surprisingly powerful to me to see cellulite and saggy bellies in this episode.
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Bedbugs? BEDBUGS!? They didn't tell me this was going to be a horror series!
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I am conflicted about Bennett at the end. What's supposed to be happening there? Is he bailing?

I feel like the action and writing is really choppy so far. Crossing fingers for the next few eps as I really love this show.
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I think the takeaway from Bennett's story is that he thinks of himself as a good guy who does the right thing in difficult situations, but when it comes down to it, he's a coward.
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I agree that I don't know if it was realistic, but it was fairly refreshing as far as nudity goes.

I also really hated the Bennett/Daya storyline. It didn't seem very realistic to me (though I realize that a lot of other things are as equally unrealistic) and both characters really grated on me. Also I feel like she's been pregnant forever.
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The Bennett/Daya storyline feels so high school to me. They bore and irritate me so much. I could have sworn she already had her baby, but she's still pregnant, but looks smaller than last season. So glad when the show moved on from them. Blerg.
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Oh boy, a whole episode of Piper being terrible! Again!

I cried some big sloppy tears when Bennett proposed and now I am feeling a little gutted after that last scene. :(
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