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Does anyone else here watch Jeopardy religiously?

I watch every night (not always quite on time, though, thanks to DVR) and would love to be able to shoot the shit with others about awkward contestant interviews, terribly-written questions, shocking coups, and the like. I can see why it might feel a little overwhelming for FanFare since it airs literally every weeknight, but I'm assuming if people actually participate it'd be okay?

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I don't know if Jeopardy would work for fanfare, does it really have episodes or seasons? It's so much about real-time posting it'd probably work better for chat. Also being so numerous it could overwhelm FanFare a bit.
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The missus and I watch every night. But, yeah, I can't see much of discussion potential beyond "Just how embarrassing was Alex's joke last night?"
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Threeants, if this idea doesn't get traction here, the AV Club has a daily feature called What's On Tonight. In the comments section, without fail, a commenter does a wrap-up and analysis of yesterday's Jeopardy, and there's usually a fair amount of discussion about some of the game's finer points. I think it's exactly what you're looking for.
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We could do a weekly jeopardy round up.
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Yeah, I don't think every episode would need a new post, but one post that would run throughout the week (start on Monday, people can discuss the episodes through Friday) could work.

(seconding that the informal daily recap/discussion at What's On Tonight is really good.)
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I would point you at JBoard, if you're not already aware of it.
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Weekly posts don't really work here though, the way we set up the database was for episodic television, so you have to pick a season and episode to make a post.

We designed it for mostly weekly fiction shows and definitely didn't have daily news/game shows in mind when developing it.
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Hmm, that's too bad, I think a weekly omnibus discussion thread would have worked great for this purpose. Would it potentially be possible to have a single thread devoted to the totality of Jeopardy episodes? Obviously you'd have to kind of know it existed to be able to find it, but it still might work well as a place to have an ongoing discussion without flooding FanFare.
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Like actually...maybe even this thread could be that, if it doesn't annoy the mods too much?
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Naw, I don't think longboating this thread as Jeopardy recap is a good idea. It seems like Jeopardy (and things like The Daily Show and Colbert Report and the Tonight Show) don't really fit into the backend of FanFare yet.
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