Steven Universe: Chille Tid
June 19, 2015 3:25 PM - Season 2, Episode 13 - Subscribe

Steven and the Gems have strange dreams during a slumber party.
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Prayer circle for Lapis Lazuli. Let Steven help you!

Saw a tumblr post talk about how this show emphasizes how Steven needs breaks/self-care because he's still a little kid and this stuff can be overwhelming.

Amethyst hasn't been heavily featured during this Stevenbomb, but her pedantically correcting Pearl on light years and yelling "Bungacowa!" in Steven's dream was stellar.

Kinda hoping dream Pearl eating Steven only to spit him out in order to go after Dogcopter means Steven/Pearl fuse later or that Pearl helps Steven power up.

Stevenbomb 3.0 slated for July.
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Are they going on another hiatus until the next Steven Bomb or are we back to weekly?
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Garnet is just THE BEST.
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Cartoon Network's airing weeklong marathons of new episodes of all their shows this summer, next week is Regular Show, then Teen Titans Go!. They won't get back to a normal schedule until fall.
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Lapis echoing Pearl: "Let me do this for you!"

But just like with Pearl it is a Bad Idea.

And fusions merged too long can go bad, we saw that with Sugilite. What if Lapis begins to lose herself? What if Jasper changes in some way? (very exciting plot-wise, though: so many directions they can take it!)

How the hell is Steven supposed to sleep now? I'd be scared to death of ending up back where I was.

Garnet: basically Fonzie. Pearl as Sitcom Mom. Amethyst as Bart Simpson. Yeah, I buy that.

Poor Pearl. How embarrassing to have your dreams broadcast out of your head.
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I'm confused about Lapis's motivations. Why stay fused? Just come to the surface and hang out with the Gems, and keep Jasper under the surface. Or, since Garnet can clearly beat Jasper, let the Gems defeat Jasper. Instead, what Lapis is doing will backfire and destroy a lot of things, possibly herself.

Pearl's love for Rose is played so seriously in "Sworn to the Sword," as sort of a noble, doomed obsession. I really want to believe in that, and if I were telling the story I would probably play it that way too. But the Crewniverse is braver than I am, because they're not afraid to show the petty and ridiculous sides of her obsession. (that is... dropping the mic and pizza-surfing, respectively)
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Lapis has... Never been great at decision-making. She stole the oceans to try to get to Homeworld. She went back to Homeworld as soon as Steven let her. She refused Steven's help on the handship and insisted maybe the Homeworld would still go easy on them. She insists on holding Jasper forever by herself with her home turf advantage, even when the crystal gems are at least an even match for her and would gladly poof that Cheeto puff if they had the chance.

Sadly it looks like it will end poorly for her. Captivity is just going to make Jasper more crazed, and eventually she will either break the fusion or gain control of malachite and then things will become even worse.

Interesting that in the same way gems don't have to eat but can anyway it seems they don't have to sleep but can anyway. They've demonstrated in the past that they can get tired, which makes sense. Presumably whatever their source of energy is can be overwhelmed when they exert themselves (or if their physical form becomes damaged) and if they take a break they can let their prime mover catch up. Unconsciousness is just an extreme form of taking a break, just one step down from retreating into their gem. The fact they dream too is... Stranger. I chalk that up to influence from Steven. He's clearly humanized the gems since his arrival, I think in ways more subtle and fundamental than just getting them to do human things. After all, this episode shows he can subconsciously reach Lapis's mind.
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I'm getting tired of the Pearl-is-obsessed-with-Rose storyline. Yes, we get it, fine, let's move on.
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It's a fundamental part of her character, divabat, you can't expect that to just go away. And it's not a huge part of the episode. And evidently she did manage to get over it a little bit, because she can not only tolerate but actually help Greg.

In fact, her dream seems to indicate that she actually identifies Rose with Greg a bit -- maybe that's why she helps him with the van?
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It's just that it's been a thing for multiple episodes now, and it's always the same setup - it just sounds like parody now, like that one Uncle Grandpa episode where they caricatured all the characters.

What I want to see more of is Amethyst's alienation - so far we have one episode where that's directly addressed, one where it's sorta addressed (Reformed), and elsewhere it's just been surface level. I feel like Amethyst's experience with Kindergarden would be really pivotal to figuring out what Homeworld is trying to do, and ties both worlds of gems together, but it's not given as much airtime as back-to-back episodes of OMG ROSE ILY.
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I think you're just tired of Rose/Pearl (Rainbow Quartz? should we refer to Gem ships by the name of their fusion?) because 3/5 episodes this week mention it. I do think the pizza surfboard is a sign they're going to lay off it a little.
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Sitcom Steven Universe is the best.

I'm curious to know how that "let me do this for you" line ties Lapis into Pearl and Rose Quartz.

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Garnet on the raft at the beginning of the episode is a perfect distillation of everything that makes this show lovely.

And I wonder if they focused so much on Pearl/Rose in these episodes because they're going for themes for each Steven Bomb? Like, this was the Pearl/Rose one, next one will be the Amythest one, etc?
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Pearl has also been obsessive about Rose Quartz in other episodes, not just Steven Bomb, and I feel like it's getting to the point where it's made out to be the only defining feature about her. Her insecurity about not being strong has only come up once, her interest in order is more of a side joke than anything developed, and we don't really know much about her that doesn't have anything to do with any other Gem.
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Rebeecca Sugar has stated that now Pearl is the Crystal Gem that Steven knows the least about, and we pretty much know what Steven does due to him being our POV character. I get the feeling that Pearl's obsession with Rose, at least, has a source, something that she did for Pearl long ago.
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Her insecurity about not being strong has only come up once

Actually, in retrospect that seems like it ties into the "not being built for fighting" hints that have been dropped and will likely be developed further. My guess is her love of order and mechanical/technical aptitude are related to the intended role of Pearls in Gem society also (either by way of "base programming" or her training and life before meeting Rose).
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The Pearl/Rose stuff is... sad? I can't get into shipping it because so far it just looks like a bad polyamorous relationship that Pearl is settling for because she doesn't think she can push for monogamy, and that's... :[
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That's true, if Rose has in fact had previous human "lovers" then it sounds like Pearl has been sidelined since the very beginning. She contents herself with "If I'm always there for her then she HAS to come to me eventually" which is Nice Guy fallacy #1. I don't think she really gets why Rose chose the earth, just look at her dream, where she wants to skip town with Rose, and Space Race where at the first opportunity she runs off with her Rose-Proxy in tow.

Slowly but surely we're getting hints that Pearl belongs to some mass-produced servant class. Her natural inclination is to support other stronger gems, which explains her interactions with Garnet. In the past she developed a strong connection to Rose (I still like my theory that she was originally Rose's Lady-in-waiting) and when Rose said what she really needs is warriors Pearl decided she was a warrior now.
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Yeah, I've started to think that Pearl's "defect" is that she fights at all. We've seen enough gems now to notice that some of them are naturally combat-oriented, some are intellectually-oriented, Amethyst is...hedonicstically-oriented? If the Pearlclass are servile, it'd make sense of Pearl's obsession with Rose and a lot of her personal tics. divabat's comment is making me feel a bit nervous about the Pearl/Rose thing, but I'm still trusting it's going somewhere. Adventure Time did the same thing with the whole Simon/Marceline stuff, where it just kind of parked in the middle of that for too long.

So far, Steven Universe's big distinction from its globbier cousin has been that the writers have done great laying out plots and themes, while 'Time is more improv style. I've been really surprised by a lot of tiny details on rewatching older Steven episodes; like how much Steven matures as a character in a too short amount of time after all this space war biz gets dropped on him, or how obviously a test the Sea Spire is for how ready Steven is to go on missions. It's super impressive to me that this stuff isn't just tacked on after the fact like one would expect.
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Can someone please tell me what the title of this episode means? I feel super dumb.
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The SU wiki says:

"The title "Chille Tid" translates roughly to "Chilling Time" from Norwegian Bokmål."

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And clearly "Chille tid!":Dream Garnet::"Eeeeeyyyyyyy!":The Fonz.
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The actual appearance of sardonyx is pretty similar in coloration to jasper, so I'm guessing a new Jasper fusion. Jasper + Peridot, prolly.

I think Lapis has some powers that haven't been revealed in full regarding communication, and they clearly aren't under her control. Maybe it's not a power and just a personal talent? But she seems to have a knack for talking to Steven, and she's had to use a lot of weird kludgey methods to do it-- the message that Greg decoded, the mirror itself, and now through his dreams.
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The more we learn about Pearl, the more it seems that she doesn't really like or understand human things, and that her only reason for defending Earth is her devotion to Rose. And they've been showing us the downsides of that devotion for a little while now. So I'm calling it: Pearl is going to go evil at some point. Not permanently, of course. It'll all end with a tearful reconciliation with Steven at the center of it. But we're going to see a major plot where her allegiance shifts back to the Homeworld, with all the zeal of a new convert.
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I really hope not. That'd put poor Steven through the ringer.
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Steven Universe extra: What Are Gems? (YouTube, 2m)
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Is anyone reading these? Here's something SUPER HYPER IMPORTANT: the extended version of the show opening, recorded by a fan at 2015 SDCC. Contains adorable scenes of young Steven singing the theme, other scenes of early life with Steven and the Gems (including him coming to live with them), and... a brief shot of YELLOW DIAMOND.

The new parts of the song from the opening:

If you're evil and you're on the rise,
you can count on the four of us taking you down
'cause we're good and evil never beats us,
we'll win the fight and then go out for pizzas!
are the Crystal Gams,
and we always save the day.
And if you think we can't
we will always find a way.
That's why the people of this world
believe in:
Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl, and Steven!

If you could only know
what we really are,
when we arrived on Earth
from out beyond your star.
We were amazed to find
your beauty and your worth,
we will protect your kind,
and we will protect your Earth,
and we will protect your Earth,
and we will protect you!


I will fight for the place where I'm free
to live together and exist as me!
I'll fight in the name of Rose Quartz,
and everything that she believed in!
I will fight for the world I was made in,
the Earth is everything I've ever known!
I will fight for ever-y-thing
that everybody wants me to be when I'm grown!
The odds are against us, it won't be easy,
but we won't have to do it alone!

(Normal new opening continues from here.)
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(I love posting these little things to threads for people to find when they return to them later. Like hiding easter eggs. Hop, hop, hop....)
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Aaaaaaaaaaaaaa! So cool!
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Hm, interesting. There's a shot towards the end there showing three people in silhouette: Jasper, Peridot, and someone we haven't seen yet.
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The previously unseen character is likely to be YELLOW DIAMOND.
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Tumblr comic: The lighter side of Malachite.
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