Sense8: W. W. N. Double D?
June 19, 2015 2:06 PM - Season 1, Episode 7 - Subscribe

Nomi and Amanita make like Nancy Drew and do some sleuthing. Riley returns to Iceland. Sun makes some unexpected new friends. Wolfgang's heist has some unfortunate consequences.
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Riley's father greeting her at the airport with a ukulele cover of Baba O'Riley made me straight up burst into tears. Some combination of the show using music very well, the excellent and very believable father/daughter chemistry, and just the extraordinary sweetness of that scene just turned on the waterworks for me. This show just gives me a LOT OF FEELINGS.

Also, the AV Club recap reminded me, that Kala/Wolfgang scene, taking place in both Mumbai and Berlin, would have been shot weeks if not months apart, in two totally different locations, and yet it looked so utterly seamless that I totally forgot about the show's unique production and logistics challenges. In fact, in general, it's totally easy to forget that these globe-spanning scenes are shot at totally different times. The editing is very seamless and impressive, and jeez, whoever works on ensuring continuity has got their work cut out for them.
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Riley's dad = BEST DAD

Aw man, just everything about him, you can just tell this is exactly why Riley is the way she is, and just being that adorable dad at the airport, the giant dork with the ukulele... ♥ ♥ ♥

Now on to the major plot. Holy shit, has Whispers built up an entire secret army of lobotomy victims for sensates to jump into? Was it just going to be Nomi he'd lobotomise and provide her as a willing body to the others, or was he going to take them all out and have even more of his army?

I kinda wish they got more into it, but, at the same time, if they did (or if they do), it's going to be terrifying.
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I like seeing the differences between reactions to the senseate sharing. Will is the most thrown (in the moment) by connecting with people, even though he has had the most direct explanation from Jonas. Caepheus loves it so much. Lito mostly seems to try to ignore it. Sun doesn't ignore it but it also doesn't seem to be a big deal to her. It also seems very natural to Kala, but she likes it more than Sun.

Speaking of which, Kala seeing the parade through the eyes of the Ganesha was really fantastic and the best visual image of being a senseate.

The hacker stuff dialogue is maybe the most ridiculous, which is saying something. I also find Amanita's mother is also a little rough, a little over the top. The Nancy Drew thing was corny as... well... the rest of it but those books are an interesting image for the senseates, as Carolyn Keene is not a single person but a long series of writers.

Riley's father didn't quite work for me, but maybe he'll come off better given time. The show seems to be setting us up for trouble there, tho.

Niles as a zombie is reminiscent of Mr. Smith taking over random strangers in The Matrix. I would expect that Mr. Whispers has a few more more bodies at his disposal around the world.
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I love Riley's dad, but I'm willing to bet hard cash that guy isn't an actor. He's performance is....weird to say the least, but having watched the entire season, I really love him bizarre method and all.
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He's primarily a musician (guitarist/singer), not an actor, and I think he's pretty well-known in Iceland. I think for that part, casting someone who is primarily a musician is the right choice.
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Aw, I thought it was sweet. For once, a prison scene doesn't turn too ugly, and I bet Sun helps out her sewing mentor with her fight club skills. The Van Damne Man was too cute on the plane (though ugh, that dude). The Mexican threesome was darned cute until that dude in the luchador mask (seriously, bro?!) showed up and yeah, Daniella shouldn't be taking pics of that. Kala and Wolfgang continue to vibe across continents and weather and yes, that was well done.

Nomi and Amanita as Nancy Drew was rather adorable, and wow, their plot is taking OFF. Lobotomy zombies that can be possessed? Freaky! When we get to that creepy plot, it's riveting.
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