Catastrophe: Episode 3
June 29, 2015 4:11 AM - Season 1, Episode 3 - Subscribe

Sharon keeps waking in the night worrying about her pregnancy whilst Rob is having problems generating business for the advertising agency and is relieved to run into Chris, who, on a night out, suggests a career change. Sharon is not encouraging. Sharon herself meets up with old flame Owen, who is now married to a best selling author, which makes Sharon feel a failure. Fortunately for her Rob is sympathetic.
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This one (weirdly in a six-episode season) felt like filler to me. It was nice to see them genuinely affectionate and supportive, but... it just sort of set things up for later.
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This episode both made me laugh out loud multiple times and then cry at the very end.

The image of Rob literally RUNNING AWAY from that kiss! Running so fast he slips and falls and gets up to keep running! I am STILL laughing at that!

And that mother guilt kicking in! The relief that she won't have a baby with Down Syndrome and then the absolute guilt at her relief after seeing a beautiful little girl who has it. I know that mother guilt. That bastard.
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Are we done with Catastrophe? I was waiting for episode 6 synopsis to chime in on how much I adored this series.
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Go ahead and post it, DigDoug. I got caught up in real-world stuff for a couple of weeks after schnee kindly took up the torch, and by the time I could come back, I'd already forgotten most of what I'd wanted to say.
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